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“Boxing champions Gervonta Davis (@gervontaa) vs Rolando Florencio Romero III (@rolliess).” Don’t miss it Today!!!

Gervonta “Tank,” Davis is an unbeaten American fast-rising professional boxer born in 1994. Out of 26 fights, he has won 24 and has held multiple world championships. Rolando Florencio Romero III is also an American professional boxer with World Boxing Association (WBA) interim lightweight title. He was born in 1995.

Today, Saturday, May 28th, Davis will headline his fourth pay-per-view (PPV) and will face his rival- Rolando Romero, and battle for the WBA World Lightweight title, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

It however seems that Davis couldn’t wait for the battle to kick off at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as he pushed Romero off the stage during a press conference on Thursday. Romero wanted to retaliate but he was held back. 

Davis’s action did not go down well with some Romero fans as they concluded that Davis acted based on fear, and he will certainly be defeated.

What do you all think?

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@kingflee_718: Mad petty, but rule #u never turn your back to the enemy

@queen_of_my_castle_83: Oop he petty

@daviddelrosario: Romeo getting ko’d

@_lexiii97: @gervontaa that was a bitch move smh

@smokingwithshawn_: Davis gone win

@nintenken3: TEAM ROLLY

@soslimelyfe: nigga was enraged

@muadripgloss: Childish

@tronic_: Davis gonna loose to that man for doing that

@welbs6: Here comes @dilondanis

@jensdabelstein: Davis face when romero was getting closer

@playb0i.thug: Dis go be a good 1

@jakemar88: Davis looked scared

@prince.thediabolical.genius: Never upstage the champ

@kingricky30: How are the bots this quick?

@_kaimani_ : Bro looked scared after he did it, lol

@quiswopion: Pushed or lightly tapped?

@beno600k: He tryna be da center, dats wat he get

@lethalshooter: Bro barely touched him.


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