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The story currently trending in one of the African countries, Nigeria, is the story of Suliya Abubakar.

Suliya is a 10year old female child from a polygamous home. She is from Sokoto state, but resides in Ondo State with her parents, siblings, step mother and step brother- Usman Abubakar.

On Tuesday, 15th December, 2020, Suliya threw her 20 months old stepbrother- Usman Abubakar into a deep hole filled with water which led to the death of the latter.

Suliya confessed to the crime, even though, before her confession, her father Mr.Abubakar, had wanted her to lie that her mother, his own wife and best friend kidnapped Usman, which she refused to do, so she confessed.

When asked why she committed such heinous act, Suliya said it was because her step mother- Mrs Abubakar junior wife, always made her eat her remaining food whenever Usman excretes on it, and also maltreats her often.

If you ask me, myself, I and Ogefash, I would say this 10years old did not act on her own will, she was possibly instructed to do so. It is a polygsmous home, so everyone is a suspect.

Most children usually act on instructions or, take actions based on what someone close to them said behind or in front of them. So who could have instructed Suliya to throw Usman in a deep hole? Mother, Father, Step Mother, Siblings, Family, Friend?

Whoever it was preyed on her young age, immature brain, innocence and so on. The person must have felt that the punishment for a minor or juvenile ( children usually under the age of 14) is lighter compared to what an adult would get for the same crime.

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