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Whatever part of the world you reside in, I am certain you are familiar with the name “Psquare”; the one-time leading music band from Nigeria comprising two brothers, as a matter of fact, ejima as in twins.

However, the Psquare band disbanded in the year 2017, and the two started their solo career with their individual names and stage names. One goes by the name Peter Okoye and uses “Mr. P” as his stage name while the other goes by the name Paul Okoye and uses “Rudeboy” or “Kingrudy” as his stage name.

It is still not clear the reason for their split although rumours have it that their wives are behind their split as well as their love for money.

Whatever the reason for their split is, fans have pleaded with them, and are still pleading with them to re-unite, and release the melodious tunes they are known for, but if it enters one ear, o’na puta na nti ozo (as in it comes out from the other ear) . In essence, they are not listening.

One thing however is certain to me; the twins may be fighting musically, but certainly not personally. Why you may ask? Because I know! Winks

Anyway, happy belated birthday to twins- Peter and Paul Okoye. (Sorry this is coming late, we are currently having technical issues with the major blog ) I love you guys, “the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, now, and forevermore . “And I want you to know I would support whatever decision you make. But still, I am hoping and praying that you still come together and release songs as Psquare; this doesn’t have to affect your solo career. Believe me!

So while the twins are deciding on that; here is my 2020 Psquare album; a collation of the singles from Mr.P and Rudeboy in no particular order (Bonus songs: Perfect Gentleman by Sean Tizzle and Dami Duro by Davido; I love those tracks madly). View the screenshot below.

Audio money by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Call Heaven by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Chizoba by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Double Double by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Wokie Wokie by Peter Okoye/Mr.P FT Nyanda

Ebeano by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Cool it down by Peter Okoye/MrP

For my head by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

My Way by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

One more night by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Reason with me by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Ifai by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Nkenji Keke by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Somebody Baby by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Reality by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Firefire by Pual Okoye/Rudeboy

Is Allowed by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Woman by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Take it by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Together by Paul Okoye/Rudeboy

Too late by Peter Okoye/Mr. P

To know more about Peter and Paul Okoye’s Psquare days, feel free to click this link

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  1. Bring back psquare plssss

  2. Their separation is no longer allowed. I need to call heaven on their behalf, so they can stop acting like zombie, like this like that, and be brothers again cause, there is no one like peter and paul okoye pquare. I really hope chizoba!

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