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I have always longed for a sea adventure because I knew it would be adventurous; as in, an exciting experience. And when I eventually had one, I am left with pleasing memories that just would never go away.

I finally got to see the beautiful big blue sea. I also played lots of fun games like pirate, police, treasure hunt, and volleyball. I went on a boat ride and swam as well.

I took pictures of the biggest fish, and other sea creatures. I made a big sand castle, and watched the waves wash it away.

We also had a nice picnic. There was fried rice, coleslaw, chicken, carrot, apple, tangerine, candy, lollipop, snacks and drinks.

I made new friends and we all had fun together. We even walked down the beach together and searched for shells.

My friends and I watched the salty water covered with bubbles. I took off my shoes, and deep my leg in the water. I really hope it doesn’t give me chills and leave me with cold at the end of the day. Regardless; I am back home now longing for another sea adventure…

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