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My name is Nif. My weekend is always exciting. I always look forward to any weekend because it gives me a sense of joy.

Every weekend, I always have ample time to sleep for more hours compared to weekdays where I have to be woken up early either by my alarm or my nanny or parent so early in order to prepare for school.

Every weekend, I get enough time to rest and play lots of video games with my cousins and friends that come around to visit. I also get to watch television a lot. I watch a lot of my favorite cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Blaze and the monster machine, Miraculous and so many others. I also practice on my Keyboard. I play with loads of my toys too.

My weekend is even more exciting when dad and mum give me, my brother- Fefe, and cousin- Jom Jom a nice treat either at the cinema, ice cream shop, or at a finger-licking cuisine outlet.

Every Sunday, whenever Ms. Joyous, our lesson teacher comes around; I know the weekend is about to end, and we are about to start another busy week of learning at school.

Regardless, I love my weekend and enjoy every part of it. I wish everyday was a weekend!

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