“SAVE A SINKING VESSEL MY FOOT!” this 9ice is not serious, if i were his wife, I won’t just…

Alexander Abolore Adebola Akande and sukanmi ajala
9ice and his wife

It is so appalling the rate at which men cheat on their women, both bachelors and the married men, and when caught by their girlfriends/wives, they become contrite, apologize to their women, and then swear on the graves of their ancestors that they would never repeat such.

But if you ask me, swearing on the grave of their ancestors is not enough, because they always cheat again, maybe they should swear with the lives of those that are alive.

Now, to the real gist, popular Nigerian musician, Alexander Abolore Adebola Akande aka 9ice is currently trending on the basis of adultery. The musician cheated on his wife, Olasukanmi Ajala and somehow the video of this act was recorded by someone I don’t know. The video has gone viral, and now the wife knows about it and has probably moved out of the house.

9ice is now begging his wife to please forgive him. He tendered a public apology to Sukanmi via his Instagram handle on Saturday, 21st November 2020, with the caption, “Save a sinking vessel.” Save a sinking vessel my foot! He said his wife is his backbone and that the whole public should plead with his wife to forgive him.

It seems like this is the era of “Fans please help me beg my wife to forgive me.” This is because, another Nigerian musician, Oritse Femi was also accused of cheating on his wife. He also tendered a public apology to his wife and begged his fans to plead with her to return home, and she eventually did.

Back to 9ice, really, if I were his wife- Sukanmi Ajala, I won’t forgive him, if truly found guilty. Really, this is not the first time he has been accused of cheating on his woman in all the previous marriages he had that failed.

Mtchew, irresponsible men everywhere…

But wait o, let me watch 9ice’s apology video to his wife here first


Awww, so touching, the person that wrote his speech did a good job! What about the music composer? He really picked the tune that would make people pity his story. Mrs. Sukanmi Abolore, after watching the video, I see that your husband is indeed sorry for his actions. If you can find a place in your heart to forgive him, please do. I know men hardly forgive a cheating wife, but always want to be forgiven when they are the ones that cheated, please again, forgive your husband, if you can.

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