(+Screenshots) How to get rid of the dark background from your Ms.Word

how to get rid of dark background in ms word
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(+Screenshots) How to get rid of the dark background from your Ms.Word

Recently, I was given a laptop to work with at my office. 

Since I needed to write many articles, I instantly opened the Ms.Word to type but discovered it had a different background from the one I was used to.

It has a black background instead of the typical white. I strained my eyes, and I really did not find it funny.

So, I had to ask google why my “Ms.Word” background was dark and how to get rid of it. Read on to learn from my discovery.

Why is my MsWord background dark?

The “Dark Mode” in your “Microsoft Office Application” is one of the themes in the application that enables you to change the color of appearance of Office applications like Word and Outlook instead of the popular white-themed color.

Is it better to work on a dark screen?

Honestly, I did not enjoy one bit of it. I overstrained my eyes, and I couldn’t focus on the screen.

I am, however, surprised that some researchers said dark mode would decrease eye strain and dry eye if you spend a lot of time staring at screens. More appalling is the fact that researchers believe it is better.

The dark mode is not better for me; it’s not easier on the eyes than on the bright white screen. 

Furthermore, working on a dark screen requires your pupils to widen, making it harder to focus on the screen.

How to get rid of the black background in Ms.Word?

  1. Click on file
  2. Click on Options at the bottom; it starts in the “General tab.”
  3. Navigate to the “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” segment. 
  4. Navigate to the 6th button, “Disable dark mode.” It is next to the “Office Theme selector.”
  5. Click the check box for “Disable dark mode,” disable dark mode. 

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