Check out Selena Gomez’s tattoos and their meanings. The newest tattoo certainly has Justin Bieber’s…

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30 years old Selena Marie Gomez aka Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress. Selena played the role of Alex Russo in the popular Disney television series Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–12)

Selena is a charming singer well-loved by her fans all over the world. She has dated loads of men in the entertainment industry. Talk of Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Orlando Bloom, Taylor Lautner, Zedd, Samuel Crust, and so on.

Both Selena and Justin Bieber were like 5 and 6 then, but after dating for several years between 2010-2017 with breakups in-between, they finally ended the relationship in 2018 without patching things up again. Justin Bieber is now married to Hailey Baldwin.

 So, to the main gist…

Do you know Selena has a lot of tattoos on her body, and one of them seems like J for Justin…

Let me share some of her tattoo details with you. Kindly keep reading…

Selena Gomez has-

  1. A musical note tattoo on her right wrist
  2. An Arabic tattoo on the right side of her body
  3. Biblical writing down her right hip
  4. A roman numeral on the back of her neck 
  5. A tattoo with the lower case g

The Roman Numeral Tattoo

The Roman Numeral on the back of her neck is “LXXVI,” which is the same as 76. This roman numeral is assumed to be a tribute to her mother who was born in 1976 and means a lot to her. The tattoo was done on September 29, 2012, at Bang Bang’s New York City studio 

The Musical Note Tattoo

This tattoo seems to be the first on Selena. It is on her right wrist. Selena said she has it on her because she was named after a singer, Tejano Singer Selena Quintanilla Perez, and music is also a big influence to her.

Biblical Writing Tattoo down her right hip

There is “God who strengthens me,” writing on Selena Gomez’s right hip. Selena got that portion from the New Testament- Philippians 4:13. The full verse says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That bible verse is Selena Gomez’s best verse in the bible.

The Arabic Tattoo

Here is how the Arabic Tattoo is written on the right side of her back ” “أحب نفسك أولا” The meaning of this is “love yourself first.”

The Lower-case letter g looks like J Tattoo

This is interpreted as a letter J which people feel is dedicated to her former boyfriend-Justin Bieber, or her sister, Gracie or for Jesus.

Who do you all think the J is for? Gracie, Justin Bieber, or Jesus?


Image sources: Style Bistro, Fan Pop

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