(+Full Cast and Crew) Movie Synopsis (+Review): Selina: Starring- Daniel Etim Effiong, Bimbo Ademoye, Iveren Anitiev, Ibekwe Franklin

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What is the movie Selina all about?

Selina is a movie about a poor, beautiful curvy maid, Selina/Sekina (Acted by Bimbo Ademoye). Selina had a big dream to own a big restaurant, but she did not have the money. 

So, she started a small restaurant with no major facilities in her village after securing a loan from a loan organization. Selina was unable to make money to pay back her loan. More so, the little money she made, she sent to her only brother to sponsor his education.

One day, one of her debtors came around, but instead of demanding her to pay her what she is owing, she offered her a job as a maid in one of her friend’s houses. Selina reluctantly accepted the job. She started working for a soon-to-be couple, Reuben and Ima (Acted by Daniel Etim Effong and Iveren Anitiev respectively.)

Selina’s funny and local dialect fascinated Reuben, who regardless of her local attitude would not want to terminate her appointment even when his wife-to-be, Ima demanded that he should. 

One day, Ima’s ex-boyfriend located her in her soon-to-be husband’s house. They couldn’t control their emotions and they kissed. Selina walked in on them which made them pull away from each other. Ima felt like a mess and immediately sent Kunle away. She pleaded with Selina not to tell her soon-to-be-husband- Reuben.

One day, while Ima was reminding Selina of her promise not to tell Reuben about kissing her ex-boyfriend, he walked in on them. Reuben broke up with Ima. 

Selina and Reuben became the only two in the house and started an affair. 

However, when Reuben introduced Selina to a friend as his housemaid, Selina felt downcast and left him

Would Reuben be able to win Selina’s heart back? Will Selina accept him back? Will Ima unite with her ex or with Reuben?

Find out here-

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Selina Review

I don’t know if I should like this movie or hate it. The film seems to me like one encouraging —

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