Actor, Ray Emodi’s Biography, Lifestyle, Filmography, Networth, Relationship Status, and more

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This article will provide all the information you need to know about Actor, Ray Emodi’s Biography, Net Worth, Age, Education, Religion, State of Origin, Best Food, Wife, Children, Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers, Family, Friends, Colleagues, Career, Filmography, Relationship Status and more… Feel free to keep reading to get all the details on Ray Emodi.

Who is Ray Emodi?

Ray Emodi is one quick noticeable character on your television screen, not only because he is tall, handsome, and drop-dead gorgeous, but, because of his unique acting dexterity and perfect role interpretation. 

Gush! Ray can’t just be in a movie and not be noticed. He has over time proven that acting is in him, and he is equally in acting. Not many know that Ray wears a pair of recommended glasses. So, next time you see him on your screen wearing a pair of glasses, it may be the recommended one and not the one for fashion.

Now that you know Ray is a Nigerian actor, it would interest you to know that he is also a singer and a boxer. His boxing coach was Simon Carter; apparently, Ray is not into boxing anymore, but he still maintains a physique ladies will drool over non-stop.

Ray has a physique that would make you go crazy for him, especially when he takes off his shirt revealing the sexy map tattoo on his chest.

Ray is also into music. He is a fantastic singer and songwriter. He makes danceable music for the world and not just for Africa. Interestingly, he started as a musician and ventured into the movies afterward. His acting however brought him into the limelight.

Ray has featured in several movies, and there is no movie he features in that you won’t feel like watching over again. He somewhat has a foreign accent and plays mostly lover boy in movies. He also plays other movie roles like a thug, father, and so on.

Who is Ray Emodi’s father?

Ray Emodi’s father is dead. His dad was Dr. Okey Emodi. After he died in 2019 at the age of 77 (1942-2019), the burial mass was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and he was laid to rest in his hometown in Onitsha.

Who is Ray Emodi’s mother?

Ray Emodi’s mother is a senator. She is fondly called Senator Joy Emodi. She was born on May 23rd, 1955. She would be 67 years old this coming May.

How many siblings does Ray Emodi have?

Ray Emodi is from a family of six; four children, his mum, and his dad. In essence, Ray has three siblings; two girls and one boy. Ray is the youngest of the boys and maybe the last born.

Ray Emodi’s wife, Children, and family?

Ray Emodi is not married. He also doesn’t have children of his own yet. But he has a lot of nephews and nieces from his siblings and shares beautiful pictures of them on his Instagram age.

How old is Ray Emodi?

Ray Emodi was born Thursday, 4th September 1986. He is 36 years old

What is Ray Emodi’s religion?

Ray Emodi is a Christian.

What church does Ray Emodi go to?

0Ray Emodi is a catholic.

What state is Ray Emodi from?

Ray Emodi is from Anambra State.

 Ray Emodi’s Education?

Ray Emodi had his primary and secondary education in the east. His higher education was at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

 He also studied at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, where he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting.

Ray Emodi’s Lifestyle?

Ray Emodi is always looking dapper. He is one that I think would love to do shakara (polite one though); plenty of it.

10 women Ray Emodi usually acts with as their boyfriend/girlfriend in movies

Ray Emodi usually gets paired with these fantastic actresses as boyfriend or husband.

  1. Ebube Nwagbo
  2. Benita Ugochukwu
  3. Stella Udeze
  4. Onyi Alex
  5. Chinenye Nnebe
  6. Destiny Etiko
  7. Tana Adelana
  8. Sonia Uche
  9. Nazo Ekezie
  10. Luchy Donald

Ray Emodi’s filmography

  • Lovers Error
  • Games of Love
  • Taste of love
  • Quality Attention
  • Leila’s offer
  • Heaven on my Mind
  • A call from the past
  • You don’t say
  • Baby Quest
  • Beautiful love/Loving a Tout
  • Turning Tables
  • Never Again
  • A step closer
  • God’s Own Villa 
  • Animus 
  • The Gossip
  • Hook Line And Sinker
  • Happy Endings
  • My Reality
  • The Reality Check
  • Irreconcilable Differences
  • A Perfect Wife
  • Sideways
  • Tide Turns
  • Long way down
  • Violet
  • Love in a bit
  • Divorce Scheme
  • Double Crossed
  • The newly married
  • Rich guy poor guy
  • Caged
  • Out of control
  • Perfect Player
  • Love and Passion
  • The couple
  • Set Me Free
  • A Daughter’s Dilemma
  • Lies hidden in the truth

Ray Emodi’s songs:

  • Give her ring ft Shakar EL
  • Ajaga 
  • The Youth
  • B.P
  • Night Time ft Ouma Ibrahim
  • Over Again prod by Sahara
  • Sweet Caroline prod by Ramoon

Ray Emodi’s Net Worth?

Ray Emodi is worth over 30,000 dollars

Ray Emodi’s Awards

 2018 City People Movie Award For Revelation of the Year (English) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ray Emodi

F.A.Q: Is it true Ray Emodi is married? 

Ray Emodi is not married for now

F.A.Q: How old is Ray Emodi?

He is 36 years old

F.A.Q: What is Ray Emodi’s best food?

Not known

F.A.Q: Is Ray Emodi single? Is he in a relationship?

Not known

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