Shatta is somewhat right, other African artists are not promoted in Nigeria, but he should have blamed…

Some days back, Ghanaian artists, Shatta Wale tweeted that Ghana made Nigerian artists famous. He said that Nigerian artists are ingrate and do not promote other African songs in their country.

View Shatta Wale’s exact tweet below 

“…How many times have our artists been in Nigeria promoting their albums e.t.c. How many times have you guys given my colleagues the same fame? Ghana has given your so-called artists. Learn sense, and stop this none. As for Nigerians, they think they can always say what they want. I don’t even remember y’all promoting Ghanaian artists in your country until you guys will remember that your artists blow in Ghana to say thank you. F.” 

Shatta Wale is partly right. Ah, I remember one lovely song, Kainama by Harmimize ft Burnaboy and Diamond Platnumz. That song di (is) very awesome and popular, but it was never played in Nigeria. When a radio DJ managed to play the song, the presenter did not even border to mention the artists behind the vocals. If not that the song had been reviewed @Ogefash – (, I wouldn’t have known the singers of the song. 

But, it is not the fault of Nigerian artists, they are not the DJs not frequently playing other African songs. The Nigerian DJs are to be blamed. Despite how terrific other African songs are, they hardly play them. I don’t know what they are scared of though. Are they scared of another African country taking over or what?

Shatta should know that even Nigerian artists nowadays get to promote their songs themselves via their social media pages and other relevant platforms. It is when the song somewhat becomes popular that these DJs quickly jump on it. 

Shatta no vex really. But, if you stumble on any Nigerian DJ, push this discussion to him/her. 

Moving on, I will however disagree with Shatta Wale on the part he said Ghana made Nigerian artists popular, that is a fat lie #loriiro

Shatta Wale should know that Nigerian artists hustled for their fame themselves. They took lots of sh-t. Shatta should know that Nigerian artists got their fame through the help of the big brands in Nigeria that brought international artists to the country. Nigerian artists mingled with them, and the rest is history. Ghana no follow make Nigerian artists famous o Shatta; you fit think am, but no go talk am elsewhere.)

Anyway, after his tweet where he called Nigerian artists ingrate, view what happened next. 

So, after Shatta’s tweet, Nigerians filled his comment section and made it busy. His commenters immediately grew from 500 to 5000 to even 12000, but the comments were the jabs thrown at him by Nigerians for daring to tweet that Nigerian artists never promote other African artists. 

View some insults below: 

Don’t mind the guy, he will never get crowd not even in Agege. Dem go stone am with Nylon filled with fufu.

Omo, even Zoro better pass this one. Na this nonsense you wan make we dey hear for Naija? 

What are you saying my brother, I can’t even hear one single word. Just noise. 

Nigerian upcoming artists song pass you Shatta Were Shatta. Wale, o ri e o pe oh 

Make Davido buy Shatta Wale as toy for im son- Ifeanyi 

Feel free to view other insults in the slide-


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