Five (5) signs that he is a/they are kidnappers

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Five (5) signs that he is a/they are kidnappers through Job Interview

It is so saddening that kidnappers are using all kinds of methods to lure people into their evil den. It is now difficult to trust someone or move around freely as kidnappers are on the rampage.

Like I mentioned earlier, these kidnappers whose victims are usually females, have different methods of kidnapping their victims. One of the methods is through Job posting/Job interview.

Take, for instance, the current crime story on a 20-year-old boy- Frank Akpan, who lured a job seeker, Ini Umoren into his evil den with a fake job vacancy.

So, without much ado, below are the five signs that show he/she is a kidnapper

1. Kidnappers usually write job vacancies on different wall posts with a chalk or marker. Some of these kidnappers also have started using flyers to advertise their job vacancies. In all honesty, the Nigerian police need to be calling all those numbers on the wall one after the other, and do a thorough investigation on their job vacancies.

2. Kidnappers don’t give a definite address. Have you noticed that all those job vacancies written different walls come with no address but a phone number for you to call? My dearest readers, please, don’t call those numbers, and if you must take the risk, make sure that someone from the police force is aware of the number and is updated on every of your movement. Dont’t just involve only your friend or families.

3. In all honesty, real employers are not always too nice or too harsh when you are yet to be given in a job. So, if they are acting too nice, they are kidnappers. If they are acting too harsh, they are kidnappers. And, if there is moderacy in their character, still be careful, but it is better than the former ones.

4. No employer, that just wants to interview you, would be nice enough to pick you up along the road. Ah, please, na kidnapper be that o. If a complete address is not given, nwannem, biko (My family please), turn down the job offer. Even if a complete address is given, google it, put on your timeline, and ask people if they are familiar with the address. Somehow, there would be someone who can give a clue about the address.

5. Kidnappers are mostly guys… So please be careful y’all. Try to be safe.

Five (5) signs that he is a/they are kidnappers through Job Interview

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