(+Video) Eheheh! Watch the lady that grabbed Ruger’s Engine “D” and his reaction!


LMAO, laugh wants to injure me here ooo. So, Ruger showed vexation and walked out on the stage during his performance at Industry Nite some days back.

Ruger is a Nigerian singer, and songwriter signed to Jonzing World Record Label owned by D’Prince. He got angry because a female fan had grabbed his front, as in, his engine, as in, his “D,” without his consent.

His irritation was written all over his face, that he couldn’t continue with the show. Or maybe, he was already rapping up the show, and just immediately ended it when the female fan harassed him. 

But wait o, why was he angry? He is funny o. So he can’ dish it out “as in, in terms of dropping s-xual lines,” but he can’t take it “as in, the reactions triggered by his s-xual line.”

As Ruger forgotten so soon:

In the song “Dior,” he said, “Bad man lookin’ good in Dior.

Bad man drip to the core. She say, “She no wan leave”

She tell me, “Ruger, me, I want to spend the rest of mi life with you.” Say she never seen a guy like me, eh, she confess. Say nobody hit it right like me, eh, she confess.”

In the song “Bounce,” he said “She wants a gangster in her bed tonight, she ah wants me, me I know. And man ah, I full ground me I dey tonight”

So, what does that tell Ruger? The female fan needs Ruger tonight, and she started with touching his “D,” while on stage.

Eh ya, you can imagine Ruger bouncing out from a girl that wants to bounce her body on him. Omashe!

Watch the video below:

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