Skusat Foundation; another fraudulent foundation in Nigeria!

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It is another time of the year, when the so-called Skusat foundation would be demanding one thousand naira from millions of Nigerians.

If I were you, I would save my 1 thousand naira/ less than 3 dollars, or better still use the money to buy good food at one “oni ounje” as in buka/restaurant, or better still buy an affordable cup of icecream.

The Skusat Foundation Nigeira was established seven (7) years ago as an entrepreneurial foundation to support young and aspiring business leaders with funds, but instead, the foundation is ripping these young aspiring leaders by fraudulently collecting 1000 naira from each applicant.

Here is how it goes: Skusat will send an SMS to you about someone referring you to their foundation. The next thing you will be required to do is to fill a form. After filling a form, they would now send a message that you have qualified for the 10,000 naira reward because you filled your form in time. However, the 10,000 would not be given to you as they make it compulsory for you to pay the 1,000 naira to collect the reward fee.

My brother, my sister, do you know that once you pay that one thousand naira, they cut off communication with you. They do not reply any message you send to them afterwards….

If you are here, and you have been defrauded by this foundation, kindly share with others…

And if you are thinking of paying one thousand naira for their form this year, may be march or so; save your money. Na scam; corporate thievery, ndi corporate ochi….

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7 thoughts on “Skusat Foundation; another fraudulent foundation in Nigeria!

  1. Yes you ‘re right . Those people are scammers o. i was once a victim

  2. You are right, they have scam of a thousand naira this year

  3. They are frauds and they have rebranded and changed name to Vienhar. They are now disguised as Vienhar with the same method of texting you that someone referred your businesses for sponsorship. I was quick to figure them out, so be careful guys.

  4. Thanks for saving a life

  5. thanks guys, i would have become a victim of tiis…i just decided to do a background check on them first and i came across your post…thanks for all you do, more grease to your elbows

  6. I got to the last stage but I was asked to pay 1k for passcode. I had to check them out online to know how legit they are. Thank God for seeing all these… My precious 1k would have gone.

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