SOMOLU POLICE STATION AND ALADE MARKET BURNT beyond recognition in the end SARS saga! View Pictures HERE

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On Wednesday, 21st October, 2020, a group of unkwown men stormed the Police station in the Somolu area of Lagos.

Their main aim was to set the police station in Alade division, Somolu, ablaze.

They tried setting the station ablaze from the front door, but the constant shooting by the police men at the front door frustrated their mission, and made them re-strategize how to gain entrance into the station.

They restrategised, and finally gained access via the back door, which has hundreds of markets attached to it.

Without an ounce of pity for marketers’ goods worth millions of naira in the shops, they set the shops ablaze, to gain access to the police station.

The fire which began from the market, spread through the police station, and left both the market, and police station in ruins.

if you recall, the end sars vandalization started after protesters were killed during a peaceful protest in Lekki Tollgate.

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