Here’s why Sophia Momodu and Imade posting Ifeanyi’s picture to celebrate Davido is wrong and h

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Sophia Momodu is the first baby mama of sensational singer and songwriter, Davido. She became the first baby mama after birthing their female daughter and only child, Imade on the 14th of May 2015.

Davido however has children with three other baby mamas, Amanda, Chioma, and Larissa. 

Davido in a bid to live a more responsible life, picked his 3rd baby mama, Chioma Rowland among the other baby mamas and married her. 

Davido and Chioma had a son, Ifeanyi David Adeleke born October 20th, 2019. But it was gathered that Ifeanyi died on the 31st of October 2022, just 11 days after his birthday.

Now to the main gist:

Here is why it is wrong for Sophia Momodu and Imade to have posted Ifeanyi’s picture in a bid to celebrate Davido’s birthday.

So, after the alleged death of Ifeanyi, Davido and his wife, Chioma have been offline. They have not said a word to confirm the death of their son. Even on Davido’s 30th birthday on 21st November 2022, he did not post anything. 

However, Davido’s fans and loved ones wished him well on his birthday, including his children from other women. I believe those posts were sent with their mum’s consent.

Davido’s first child and first daughter, Imade whose mother is Sophia Momodu, was the first to celebrate her father. View her post below:

“Happy birthday daddy, I wish you peace, joy and love.”

Imade published the above post with a picture of herself with her father, Davido, her sister from another mother- Hailey, and her brother from another mother- Ifeanyi.

Why would Sophia Momodu and Imade do that? Sophia Momodu and her daughter, Imade have never been close to any baby mama and their children. Sophia only got close to the second baby mama, Amanda, and her daughter, Hailey after Davido ditched them and introduced his wife- Chioma to the world.

Now, these first 2 baby mamas, Sophia and Amanda, and their daughters (Imade and Hailey) only celebrate each other on their individual Instagram pages, especially Imade. Never for once have they celebrated Ifeanyi on his birthday, or acknowledged him as a brother from another mother.

It is therefore wrong and hypocritical to post the picture of Davido’s dead son on his birthday when he is still grieving. When Ifeanyi was alive, his picture was never posted on that page. It is now after his demise that they are now posting his picture. Thereby adding more grief to the person who is already grieving.

But we forgive them sha. Sophia Momodu and Imade have already apologized to Nigerians and the world. View her apology message below:

“I realize that the earlier post may come across as insensitive and I sincerely apologize as that was not the intention. Imade deeply loves her father and all her siblings, and as a mother, I’m doing my best to guide her through the difficult emotion of grief from the loss of her brother whilst trying to celebrate her father’s birthday. I ask for your consideration and hope that you all can be understanding during these times. Thank you Sophia Momodu

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