(+Sophia Momodu’s Biography) Meet Davido’s first Babymama; Sophia Momodu. She is the Iya Ile of …

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Sophia Ajibola Momodu is a fashionista from Osun State. Sophia seems like a gymnast or a fan of gymnastics. She has got a terrific physique that can make even the blind man see immediately. 

Sophia is related to Nigerian journalist, politician, business mogul, and Ovation publisher, Chief Dele Momodu.

Sophia is Davido’s first baby mama. She is “Iya ile,” of other baby mamas. She birthed Davido’s first child and daughter, Imade Adeleke. Imade is currently 6 years old and would be seven this 2022. 

Sophia on the other hand would be 35 years old this 2022. She schooled in Nigeria. She is an influencer with over a million followers on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

She is Davido’s baby mama that is stylishly waiting to take over. What do you all think?

Frequently asked questions about Davido

F.A.Q- So, how many Babymamas does Davido have?

Davido has four babymamas!

F.A.Q- Who are the four Davidos babymamas? What are the names of Davido’s Babymamas?

  1. Sophia Momodu (Imade’s mother.)
  2. Amanda (Hailey’s mother.)
  3. Chioma (Ifeanyi’s mother.)
  4. Larissa (Dawson’s mother)

F.A.Q- How many kids does Davido have?

Davido has four kids comprising two girls and two boys.

F.A.Q- What are the names of Davido’s children?

  1. Imade
  2. Hailey
  3. Ifeanyi
  4. Dawson

F.A.Q-Who are Davido’s concubines?

Ah, Davido has many o. Remember David in the bible was “A Man after God’s own heart,” but he still had different women.

You see, Davido is “A man after women’s hearts!” Fullstop

Read the full gist about Davido and his concubines here-

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