Monday, October 25, 2021
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Still on “Looming Danger” Novel by Ogefash!

Don’t throw-way the body; but you can throw-way the money into Looming Danger novel by #Ogefash. Trust me; odi (it is) on point and very interesting. Ana m enye gi (I am giving you) 100 percent guarantee!

Excerpts from the novel Looming danger by Ogefash:

Kosi wanted to defecate. He moved deeper into a cleared part to avoid snake bite. After defecating, he cleaned up. As he stood up to leave, his gaze settled on the deadly sect that terrorized the nation. They looked so heinous. He wished he had powers like superman to wipe them off. He wished he could use their own weapons to kill them. He wished he was a bomb; he would blow them off and restore peace in the nation. Kosi was so upset that he put out his fists ready to go for a physical fight. He absentmindedly moved closer to the deadly sect. Now face to face with the deadly sect, he realized he had entered the Lion’s den with no claw, teeth or weapon. By the time he decided to take off, it was far too late because they had already seen him… Find out what happened next?

Order a copy via our Whatsapp handle ±2348087261006

Every copy comes with a special gift and a raffle ticket to win our gift box and loads of cash.

Visit the novel IGpage @loomingdangernovel @ogefashphotoblog @officialosmh

1 copy : 2000 (Comes with a free gift and raffle ticket.)

15 copies : 28,000 (Comes with a free gift, and raffle tickets.)

30 copies : 58,000 (Comes with a free gift box and raffle tickets)

Whatsapp to order now for literature at school, colleagues, families and friends.

You can make payment to : Ogefash Styl Media House

GTB: 0631497678

Kindly show proof of payment. Thanks!

RSVP: 08027154080; 08189279268



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