(Sylvester Oromoni’s death) Nine (9) reasons Dowen College may be culpable

when did sylvester oromoni die iin dowen college
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How Dowen College may be culpable

  1. They lied that Sylvester died due to the injury he had during sports.
  2. The school denied that the allegations against the school were not true.
  3. The killer students lied about their involvement in it, and they let them go.
  4. The school lied that Sylvester Oromoni JR was not bullied, or did not fight anyone, and was not attacked.
  5. Dowen College called the wealthy parents of the students that had killed Sylvester to come and pick them, which they did.
  6. Sent a letter to all parents of the school about students staying at home for two days but did not refer to the death of Sylvester. The school linked the two-day-closure and pupil stay-at-home to the current happenings and the emotional disposition of its pupils. It lied that they wanted the pupils to revise for their forthcoming examinations.
  7. The students that killed Sylvester Oromoni, were temporarily suspended from the school after they bullied Sylvester and asked him to describe his sister’s private parts. The school called them back without monitoring their actions afterward.
  8. They did not employ a capable house-master
  9. They were trying to suppress the issue.

If you recall, 12-year-old pupil, Sylvester Oromoni JR. died right under their nose. It was gathered that Sylvester, a J.S.S 2 Delta State male student of the school was killed by his schoolmates, those in senior class for refusing to join their cult. Sylvester was given a poisonous substance to drink and was beaten close to death right on the school premises. He was beaten to the extent that he could not stand well. His mouth was swollen and black; he was beaten blue-black. He died a few minutes after he was rushed to the hospital. He died on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021. He died four days to his December 4th birthday.

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