(+Full cast and crew) Synopsis to the movie- Fatale


Synopsis to the movie Fatale

Derrick Tyler (acted by Michael Ealy) was faithful to his unsuspecting cheating wife, Tracie Tyler (acted by Damaris lewis). but, one day, he yielded to his friend’s call- Rafe Grimes (acted by Mike Colter) to flirt for one night. 


Derrick unknowingly flirts with the police- Valerie Quinlan (acted by Hilary Swank), and they both have a night of sexual escapade. 

Michael’s flirty night with the police, Val, was an eye-opener about his marriage, his wife, Tracie’s infidelity with his friend/business partner, Rafe, and the psycho police he had a fling with and wanted to blackmail him.

Would Michael’s discoveries cost him his marriage or his life? Why is Val blackmailing him? find out in the plot below.



Two close friends and business partners- Derrick Tyler (Acted by Michael Ealy) and Rafe Grimes (Acted by Mike Colter) celebrate their success so far with their women. Rafe also introduces his new woman to his friend Derrick and Tracie Tyler (Acted by Damaris Lewis).

Tracie returned home late some days ago, and the husband inquires about her whereabouts; she lies that it is work. She reminds Derrick that she doesn’t question him when he spends time with his client, so he shouldn’t question her. Tracie also reminds him that he is never there for her because he is too busy with his work. And when she finds a job to keep her company, he complains and wants her to quit. But she says she won’t quit. 

Derrick and Tracie seem not to be having enough couple times. Tracie spends more time outdoor based on her new career, which Derrick is not too happy about. 

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Cast and crew for the movie Fatale

Hilary Swank acted as detective Val Quinlan; Michael Ealy acted as derrick Tyler; Mike Colter acted as Rafe Grimes; Damaris Lewis acted as Tracie Tyler; tyrin turner acted as tyrin abernathy; danny pino acted as carter heywood; geoffrey owens acted as bill cranepool; david hoflin acted as officer lowe; sam daly acted as officer stallman; lance stephenson acted as sports star cameo; chic daniel acted as investigator; stephen o mahoney acted as uniformed police officer; lexa gluck acted as carter’s trophy wife; oakley bull acted as haley older/haley younger; ian stanley acted as first officer; sasha golberg acted as photographer; stephanie elam acted as tv reporter; hajin cho acted as receptionist; ashley larae acted as cocktail waitress; johann sebastian acted as bold guy; kali hawk acted as micaela; compton menace acted as bumpy; denise dowse acted as derrick’s mum; marina freeman acted as friend 1; david anderson acted as friend 2; tristan henry acted as emt

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