(+Full cast and crew) Movie Synopsis: The Newly Married starring Ray Emodi, Onyi Alex..

synopsis to the movie the newly married-wht-is-the-movie-about-the-full-cast-and-crew
synopsis to the movie the newly married-wht-is-the-movie-about-the-full-cast-and-crew

The Newly Married is a 2021 Nigerian film shot in Nigeria. The main actors are Ray Emodi and Onyi Alex. The two have over time proven to be a good pair in the movies they feature in.

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What’s the movie Newly Married about?

The Newly Married movie tells the story of love birds- Sophia (Acted by Onyi Alex) and Andrew (Acted by Ray Emodi.) 

Sophia and Alex loved each other deeply, even though it started as love at first sight. So, they decided to speed things up by tying the knot. 

Without wasting time, Sophia and Andrew met each other’s parents, friends, and entire family, and eventually got married. 

Months after, they started having issues in marriage. Sophia changed completely from the classy and neat girl to the local and dirty chic which displeased Andrew. 

Andrew on the other hand will not have s-x with his wife, Sophia without a condom, as he is unready to raise a child because he feels the 1 million Naira monthly salary is too small to raise a child. 

Sophia and Andrew constantly upset each other but found a way to resolve their differences. However, things fell apart for the couple when Sophia’s secret was discovered after Andrew pleaded with his friend, Lucas (McCarthy Nonwani) to dig up the secret she is hiding from him. 

Sophia became depressed and regretted not following her sister, Lydia’s (Ifunanya Igwe)advice on telling Andrew about her past.

After nights of abstaining from each other, Sophia and Andrew resolved their differences. What do you think Sophia’s past was. Find out here-

Full cast and crew for The Newly Married

Onyi Alex acted as Sophia, Ray Emodi acted as Andrew, Ifunanya Igwe acted as Lydia, McCarthy Nonwani acted as Lucas, Amara Esther acted as —

Plus pictures, feel free to read more about the movie here-

Story: Uchenna Mbunabo and Joan Ify James

Screenplay: Joan Ify James

Associate producer: Jude Onyegiri

ProducerExexutive producer– Uchenna Mbunabo

Director– Chidi Chijioke

Movie Location: Nigeria

Year: 2021

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