(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Wallet by Seyi Vibez, DJ 4Kerty and Rexxie

All my Lagos boys, o por gan (All my Lagos boys, it is so much.) My Lagos girls, won tan'no (My Lagos girls, sparkle.) Vibe boy, o por gan (Vibe boy, it is so much.) This kind gbebu make me nor-nor (This king song make me happy) Credit card ton tan'no (Credit card that is sparkling.)

(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Sometimes (Original version) by T.I Blaze

Chorus- Why life com hard? (Why is life hard?)And man no wan to do bad (And man doesn't want to do a bad thing.)Cause I no wan suffer later (Because I don't want to suffer later.)Na everytime I dey sad (It is everytime that I am always sad.)