when did sylvester oromoni die iin dowen college

(Sylvester Oromoni’s death) Nine (9) reasons Dowen College may be culpable

How Dowen College may be culpable https://youtu.be/6ERDbvs4AY8 They lied that Sylvester died due to the injury he had during sports.The school denied that the allegations against the school were not true.The killer students lied about their involvement in it, and they let them go.The school lied that Sylvester Oromoni JR was not bullied, or did not fight anyone, and was…
when did sylvester of dowen college die?

Permanent holiday or Temporary holiday? Nigerians massively troll Dowen College over Sylvester Oromoni’s death “Dowen school is a Den of…”

@ada.ann1: So, you guys train and protect murderers. @hayeeeeesha: Koniiiidaaaafunyiiinnnn. @anny_mccarthy Your school is down already. Y’all aren’t even saying anything. You killed someone and you are quiet about it. The next step is to put your page on private mode cause that’s what y’all stupid people do to avoid being trolled.