Tee Billz Stylishly takes a swipe at ex-wife Tiwa Savage; instead, he praises…

tiwa savage and ex husband tee billz
tiwa savage and ex husband tee billz

Tunji Balogun, aka Tee Billz, may be taking a swipe at his ex-wife after her s-x tape went viral with the post he made about Tacha. He thanked her and appreciated her for not sleeping with men during the show (But people avoided Tacha na because they made everyone think she was smelling.)

View his post below:

“@teebillz323: I have patiently waited after 2 seasons of BBN to see the most bankable without opening them legs! I am thankful to you Anita for allowing me to make the difference for what I do best… Proud of you my love! @symply_tacha #BillzVision #Thankful”

In my opinion, one needs to cast a suspicious look on that Tee Blizz post. What does he mean by “open them legs?” Open them legs; how many years ago na? The only person that opened her legs recently was Tiwa Savage, his ex-wife, and the video went viral.

I am sure he is taking a swipe at his ex-wife. What do you all think?

By the way, I wonder the reason for their closeness. I thought some months ago, Tacha sacked him as her manager?

Also, Tiwa Savage seems to be close to Tacha too; there really must be something about this Tacha I need to find out.

Keep in touch; once I find out, I will let you all know.


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