Tekno surprises his baby mama, child and fans with…

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Tekno surprises his baby mama, child and fans with… https://youtu.be/JCXRlBAy9ew

Popular Nigerian onyeocha (light skinned) singer, songwriter, and dancer, Kelechi Augustine Miles – aka KAM aka Tekno Miles, has surprised his loyal fans, daughter, partner and the mother of their daughter, Lola Rae.

The December 17, 1992 born singer surprised all of them when without notice he deleted all his thousands of Instagram posts, including pictures of Lola Rae and their daughter.

If you check his Instagram page, there are only three posts. And those posts are even not recent.

He has also been staying off social media… No one has an idea if something happened to him or if there is a fall out between him and his female partner, Lola Rae.

But whatever update we have on the issue, we will share with you on Ogefash TV.

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