(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “The Bad Seed.” Starring: McKenna Grace, Rob Lowe, Sarah Dugdale

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “The Bad Seed,”: Starring: McKenna Grace, Rob Lowe, Patty McCormack, Sarah Dugdale, Luke Roessler

What is the movie “The Bad Seed,” all about? Here is “The Bad Seed,” movie synopsis

“The Bad Seed,” is an American horror drama movie. The major actor in the movie is McKenna Grace who acted as Emma Grossman.

9-year old Emma Grossman (Acted by McKenna Grace) grew up with her widowed father, David Grossman (Acted by Rob Lowe).

Though little, Emma had traits of violence in her and always unleashed them whenever anyone angered her.

She murdered —

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“The Bad Seed,” Cast and Crew

“The Bad Seed,” Cast 

McKenna Grace acted as Emma Grossman, Rob Lowe acted as David Grossman, Patty McCormack acted as Dr. March, Sarah Dugdale acted as Chloe, Luke Roessler acted as Milo Curtis, Cara Buono acted as Angela Grossman, John Emmet Tracey acted as Mark Wiggins, Marci T. House acted as Mrs. Ellis, Emma Milner acted as a singing student, Kate Isaac acted as Leslie, Chris Shields acted as Sheriff Peterson, Carly Bentall acted as David’s wife, Lorne Cardinal acted as Brian, Shauna Johannesen acted as Maggie Curtis, Nevis Unipan

 “The Bad Seed,” Crew

Based on the “Bad Seed by William March

Written by: Barbara Marshall

Producers: Justis Greene, Harvey Kahn

Executive Producer: Rob Lowe, Mark M Wolper, Elizabeth Gulber Stephen

Teleplay by: Barbara Marshall

Directed by Rob Lowe

Year: 2018                     

Country: America

Genre: Drama, Horror

Post Production: Warner Bros, Wolper Organization 

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