The freakish relationship between Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” and his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson

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The freakish relationship between Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” and his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and his former wife-Dany Garcia tied the knot on Saturday, 3rd May 1997 and they divorced in the year 2009. Their union produced a beautiful daughter- Simone Garcia Johnson, who is a replica of her father; Dwayne Johnson.

Simone was born on Tuesday, 14th August 2001. She would be 20 years old soon. Simone is the first 4th Generation WWE Wrestler. She loves cats and dogs.

Dwayne is now married to a singer and songwriter- Lauren Hashian who also has two daughters for him. Their two daughters are Jasmine Johnson (Born 16th December 2015) and Tiana Gia Johnson (Born 17th April 2018).

There however seems to be an odd relationship between The Rock and his first daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson. It seems her parent’s separation affected her emotionally, and put a dent in their father-daughter relationship.

There seems to be an unfriendly relationship between them. Simone never ever posts anything about her father on her page. She neither celebrates him nor mocks him.

Dwayne on the other hand doesn’t celebrate Simone on his page. If you are following both Simone and Dwayne Johnson on their Instagram page, you will agree with me that the two hardly post about each other.

Not even on father’s day or birthday will you see Simone post about her father. But she posts about her mum and her new husband, Dave Rienzi.

The same thing applies to Dwayne Johnson. Just the other day, Dany Garcia celebrated Simone Johnson on the contract she signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment); I was thinking Dwayne was going to do the same, but that did not happen. The only time he gets to celebrate her is on 14th August when she was born.

In fact, he doesn’t even get to post it on his page yearly. But last year, on her birthday, Dwayne had celebrated Simone on his page to his over 220 million followers. Guess what, he did not use a recent/adult picture of Simone, but her baby picture; which stipulates that Dwayne may not even have an idea of how his first daughter looks like.

Why? Because they hardly see or may not have seen each other in donkey’s years.

View Dwayne Johnson’s Birthday message to Simone on her last birthday (2020)

“Happiest of birthdays to my firstborn, Simone Garcia Johnson, if only I could bottle up time and hold unto these little hands. We love you and have the best day.”

What y’all think?

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