(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Next Marriage,” : Starring: Ray Emodi, Onyi Alex, Alex Chukwuebuka, Regina Van, Fiona Garba, Vivian…

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Next Marriage,” : Starring: Ray Emodi, Onyi Alex, Alex Chukwuebuka Ajoku, Regina Van Helvert, Fiona Garba, Vivian Kaima 

What is the movie “Next Marriage,” all about? Here is the “Next Marriage,” synopsis

“Next Marriage,” tells the story of a young man, Bryan (Acted by Ray Emodi) whose wife kicked the bucket.

Bryan’s three siblings, Nora, Peter, and Vicky (Acted by Regina Van Helvert, Alex Chukwuebuka Ajoku, and Fiona Garba respectively) wanted him to remarry. Nora and Peter desperately wanted Bryan to re-marry for their selfish reasons. 

So, Nora brought in her close friend, Ella (Acted by Vivian Kaima), to seduce her brother so he can fall in love with her, and marry her so she can help fulfill the promise Bryan’s late wife couldn’t fulfill.

Along the line, Vicky’s close friend, Jane (Acted by Onyi Alex) relocated from Kebbi to Lagos and needed a place to stay till she could get accommodation. Vicky sought Bryan’s consent about Jane staying with them till she could secure an apartment, and he agreed. 

However, Jane’s presence in the house became—-

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