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The real reason twitter ban hasn’t taken full effect is because President Buhari can’t forfeit…

The real reason Twitter ban hasn’t taken full effect is because President Buhari can’t forfeit…

The real reason twitter ban hasn’t taken full effect is because President Buhari can’t forfeit…

So, it is about a week now since the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and his cliques banned popular micro-blogging-site, Twitter in Nigeria.

But I am sure the question you have been asking yourself is if they have banned Twitter in Nigeria; then, why am I still able to access my Twitter account right?

That is because the Twitter ban rule is still been deliberated upon. It is yet to take full effect. Although, some Nigerians said they couldn’t access their page when the Twitter ban was announced; but I think it is a little bit of an exaggeration from people.

People should relax; onweghi ihe na eme, as in nothing dey happen. President Buhari can’t just ban twitter; that’s just a tweet to frighten people or better still, to warn people or better still, to view people’s reactions.

If president Buhari was not on Twitter, trust me, the Twitter ban would have been immediate, it would have taken effect, and all twitter pages inaccessible. But, he is on twitter, and he knows what he is happening, Twitter benefits, and the way his twitter followers are increasing day in day out!

Before Buhari became the president of the country, he had few thousands of twitter followers. But when he became the president , his followers on Twitter have skyrocketed to over 4 million.

Trust me, he can’t forfeit 4 million followers just like that. Although, he has not been tweeting, but I am sure he is itching to tweet.

What y’all think?

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