The Untold Truth About Ada Ameh’s Death

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Benue State-born famous Nollywood actress, Ada Obande Ameh died on Sunday, July 17, 2022. She was 48. It was gathered that Ada slumped at a gathering in Warri, Delta State. She was instantly rushed to the NNPC hospital in Warri where she was confirmed dead. 

Ada was buried on Friday, August 26, 2022, in her hometown in Otukpo L.G.A, Benue State. She was buried inside her father’s compound. She was from the family of the late Chief Augustine Obande Ameh.

Before her burial, a Novelty Match was held in her honor on Friday, August 19th, 2022 at 10:00 am prompt at the “Nathaniel Idowu Pitch,” Oriege Lagos. On Thursday, 25th August, there was a Candle Light Service at the “Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.  There was also a Candle Light Service at 8:00 pm in Benue the following day, Friday, 26th August 2022. The location was Saint Mary’s Primary School, Ogobia, Benue State. 

 The Untold Truth About Ada Ameh’s Death

Ada was a famous plump TV personality. She was known for her comic roles in movies. Some of her movies are:

  • Domitila
  • My Village People
  • Phone swap
  • Lockdown
  • Oloture
  • Ghana must go
  • A Million Dollar Baby
  • 30 Days In Atlanta
  • Mr. and Mrs. Okoli
  • Our Husband

Ada was also well known as “Emu Johnson/Emu” in the more than a decade-famous Nigerian Television series titled “The Johnsons.” 

The actress brought laughter to people’s faces while they watched her on screen, but deep down there was deep grief slowly eating her soul due to the numerous deaths of a number of her family members.

Some of the people that Ada witnessed their deaths before her demise include:

  • Only child and daughter- Aladi God Gift.
  • Three sisters
  • Three brothers

The death of her loved ones brought a big change in her life, mentally and physically, and contributed majorly to her death.

What do you all think?

Who mourned Ada Ameh after her death?

Ada Ameh was deeply mourned and is still being mourned by her families, friends, and colleagues, in particular, Empress Njamah. Empress was one of her closest friends.

If you recall, Empress had created a donation campaign for the late actress using “Zenith Bank.” She also came out to list those that had contributed to which no Nollywood name was seen on the list. View the post on the donation and appreciation-Empress Njamah made toward the late actress, Ada Ameh.

“To all who made donations, thanks for the true and genuine love, almighty God bless you all. Thanks for the support. I honestly can’t do this without you guys. My team and I will be very transparent to the end for some reasons best known to us. Kindly let us know if your name was wrongly spelled so we can correct it. For those who didn’t see the donation post, we just posted it again. FOR THE LOVE OF ADA AMEH”

Empress Njamah also announced a program organized on behalf of the late Ada Ameh. View her posts below:

“Join us on Tuesday, 23rd august in Abuja (Blakes Excellence Resort Garki) as we bid an amazing soul (Ada Ameh) goodnight, a night to remember, come and honor her with your presence…”

All these and more Empress Njamah did to bid her friend, Ada Ameh farewell as she joined other saints of the Lord in heaven.

However, it seems like one member of Ada Ameh’s family did not find Empress’s doings, especially the donation campaign funny.

Abahi Ameh, the younger sister of Ada Ameh, had in one of her posts taken a swipe at Empress Njamah. Abahi said the family kept quiet on Ada’s demise till her remains were brought back home. She had stylishly accused Empress of setting up condolences and mourning houses without the family’s consent.

View her post below

“@amehabahi: The family of Obande Ameh has received several calls and attacks from some followers and fans of Ada Ameh for the collaborations done on her page by her younger sister, Ameh Abahi, and her husband, Hotom Azuma. It saddens us to realize that the public prefers to hear that Ada Ameh has no living family members so they can sympathize than hear truths from the family members. It is obvious to us that our intentions have been largely misinterpreted and twisted by strangers who want to continue to promote the wrong narrative about our family. The family stayed quiet on her death for a long while till we got her remains back home. During this period, we received several calls of people setting up condolences and opening mourning houses without the family’s consent, while some had gone ahead to declare that she had no living members of her immediate family and signed death notifications on our behalf. We thought it wise to collaborate on her page to bring the correct information to her fans who are also grieving. We had no ill motive. Our talk is a way of relieving the pains we feel. You can do well not to add to it. We will give information concerning the burial plans still in collaboration tomorrow for your perusal. We convert all your prayers as a family. God bless you all.”

Check out Abahi Ameh’s tribute to Ada Ameh

“Dear Boss, your demise is no longer news. Many have helped us announce without your family even knowing. We have remained strong. Since I came to Lagos, all I have seen in your house are photographs and your memories. It’s been heartbreaking. I constantly check my blood pressure as I wallow in silence. Life is short as it is said. Your life was very impactful. You will be remembered for what you have done. Fams, kindly drop your tributes to Ada on “” Announcements for the candlelight and funeral service will be announced by her family soon.”

Empress Njamah’s Tribute to Ada Ameh

“Keep sleeping my sweet trouble..My joy is that I posted this video smiling, thought I was going to soak my pillow with tears, but, all I did was smile. I am glad I can now get on my phone and have all the strength and courage to type, IT IS WELL. It’s amazing the things I am seeing on social media, many things brought to my knowledge, it’s not the right time to speak, let me mourn in peace. BUT, it’s really a pity, there is time for everything, and the time for me to talk will surely come, but, for now, let me heal. Thanks to all who reached out, could not pick up calls and reply to messages, but, I never forget @adaameh, I miss you sha, but, you are in a better place.”

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

When did Ada Ameh die?

Ada Ameh died on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Where did Ada Ameh die?

She died at a social gathering in Warri, Delta State.

Did Ada Ameh have children?

Yes, but only a child

What is the name of Ada Ameh’s daughter?

Aladi God Gift

What caused Ada Ameh’s daughter’s death?

She died after unsuccessful surgery.

What state in Nigeria is Ada Ameh from?

She is from Benue State.

Where was Ada Ameh buried?

Ada was buried on Friday, August 26, 2022, in her hometown in Otukpo L.G.A, Benue State. She was buried inside her father’s compound. She was from the family of the late Chief Augustine Obande Ameh.

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