Davido and Chioma’s history; love life, wins, joint deals before they poured oil on their clothes, split, and Chioma…


Davido is a popular American Nigerian singer and songwriter known for back-to-back hits. He is the CEO of Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). Every artist that features Davido ma ra baba ni, as in they always praise God because it is always a successful hit.

You see, Davido is “A man after women’s hearts!” This is evident in the number of baby mamas he has. He has four baby mamas.

Who are the four baby mamas of Davido? What are the names of Davido’s Baby mamas?

  1. Sophia Momodu (Imade’s mother.)
  2. Amanda (Hailey’s mother.)
  3. Chioma (Ifeanyi’s mother.)
  4. Larissa (Dawson’s mother)

However, among these four baby mamas, Davido placed Chioma above them. She was the most talked about. Chioma was the only baby mama Davido acquired a vehicle for. If you recall, Davido had bought her a 45 million naira Porsche on her 2018 birthday.  

Davido had opened doors for Chioma which brought in endorsements and good tidings her way.

Both were always together. I remember an event they attended together, and he grabbed Chioma’s br-ast to show ownership. They did a lot of crazy fun things together. There was this special kind of love that Davido gave her. He treated her like an egg he did not want to drop. He took her to all his shows and introduced her to his family.

To further prove his love for her, he dedicated a song to her titled “Assurance,” to assure her that he will never break her heart, even though he did.

View some lines from the song assurance by Davido below:

“And if I ever leave oh (And, if I ever leave)

Make water carry me dey go., far away, far away (Let the water carry me away, far away)”

View the meaning and lyrics translation of the song Assurance by Davido here– https://ogefash.reviews/music-review-assurance-by-davido/

It seems Davido has quickly forgotten those lyrics.

The assurance did not end there o. Do you know that Davido again featured Chioma in another video “Wonder woman,” where he referred to Chioma as his “Wonder woman?” Although the video featured his other baby mamas, Sophie and Amanda, however, his lover then was Chioma.

View the meaning and lyrics translation of Wonder woman by Davido here- https://ogefash.reviews/lyrics-meaning-music-review-wonder-woman-by-davido-so-what-exactly-did-people-say-was-wrong-with-this-video/

Ko tu wa pa ri sibe as in, it did not end there o. When people started trying to split Davido and Chioma, he quickly poured his juice inside Chioma which produced their first son, “Ifeanyi David Adeleke.”

To further disappoint people who were questioning when Davido was going to marry Chioma if he wasn’t playing games, Davido again featured Chioma in the song “1 Milli.” 

View some of the lyrics to the 1 Milli song by Davido 

Je ka gbadura (Let us pray)

Ka ye wa dara (That our lives would be good.)

Ko layo ko loyin (So that there would be joy and sweetness.)

K’oma ta po sara wa (They shouldn’t splash oil on our body.)

View the full meaning and lyrics translation of the song 1 Milli by Davido here– https://ogefash.reviews/fourteen/

Davido in the song had prayed that nothing should separate them, that enemies should not pour oil on their clothes. It however seems like awon enemies ti get won, as in the enemies have gotten them, and they have poured oil on their clothes.

This is because the two are not together anymore. Chioma and Davido split after Davido cheated on her with Larissa, a model based in London. Larissa even has a son for Davido who bears the name “Dawson.”

Chioma has allegedly moved on with her life as she is dating a cute handsome rich Igbo guy. It was gathered that Davido reacted to it when he said “There is nothing new under the sun.”

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