This Quatrain relationship “Dwayne “The Rock”, Lauren, Dany Garcia, Dave” is it genuine for real?

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This Quatrain relationship that exists between the couple “Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”/ Lauren Hashian and Dany Garcia/Dave Rienzi” is it genuine for real?

I am trying so hard to understand this Quatrain relationship that exists between the couple “Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”/ Lauren Hashian and Dany Garcia/Dave Rienzi.” Who understands, please?

Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” married Dany Garcia on Saturday, 3rd May 1997 and they divorced in the year 2009. Their union produced a beautiful daughter- Simone Garcia Johnson, who is a replica of her father; Dwayne Johnson. Simone was born on Tuesday, 14th August 2001. She would be 20 years old soon.

Before Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia divorced; they were business partners and best of friends. As a matter of fact, while in the marriage, Dany Garcia was Dwayne’s manager, and, she is still his manager after the divorce.

Dany Garcia is the rock’s financial consultant, manager, career manager, the head of “The Rock’s” seven-buck production, his movie producer, and lots more. She’s the frontier of “The Rock’s” 2032 election. After their divorce, one would have thought that the two would be cat and dog afterward, just like some divorced couple; but they are not. One would have thought that their divorce would have put a dent in their relationship, but that did not happen. Dwayne showcases Dany on his page and vice versa.

Both Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and Dany Garcia maintained close ties as business partners and friends.

Danny Garcia moved on with her life and was the first to get married. She married fitness enthusiast, Dave Rienzi on Saturday, 29th March 2014. The union is yet to produce any child. Danny was born on Friday, Nov 29th, 1968 (53 years old soon) while Dave Rienzi was born on Wednesday, 25th April 1984 (Would be 37 years old soon). Dany is actually 16 years older than Rienzi.

Years after, Dwayne Johnson also moved on with his life. He married his heartthrob, Lauren Hasian (a singer) on Sunday,18th August 2019. Dwayne and Lauren met in 2009 when he was working on a movie, and she was among the event planners of the movie.

These four “Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Lauren Hasian, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi” are so close like 5&6. Dany Garcia’s husband- Dave Rienzi is now “The Rock’s” trainer @Rienzi’s strength and conditioning. Rienzi is the founder of Strength and fitness Industry Brand Consultant. He has been The Rock’s personal strength and conditioning coach for about a decade now.

These four people comment on one another’s post as well as post about one another freely on their various social media platforms; especially Instagram, even though it is mostly business. The ex-wife of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” is still the one managing “The Rock” till date, and the frontier of his 2032 presidential election. (I wonder why he took it far to that year though; more like in 31 years time; that is so serious)

Anyway, moving on, as I was saying, just the other day, “The Rock” celebrated Dany Garcia who is his XFL Partner for being the first female owner of a major professional sports league, XFL, and being the first woman to own an entire professional sports league. Dany was the architect behind the XFL acquisition. Danny Garcia and Dwayne Johnson acquired the XFL for about 20 million dollars.

Guess who congratulated Dany Garcia? It is Lauren Hasian; the one who is currently married to Dany Garcia’s ex-husband “The Rock.” Lauren Hashian also congratulated her. (She is so certain that her husband won’t be running back into the arms of his ex-wife).

View her post below:

“This is mind-blowing, but also so earned, and deserved Dany. Congratulations to you, just cannot wait for this new unbelievable chapter they are in the best.”

Moving on, Dany Garcia’s brother, Hiram Garcia even wrote a book on Dwayne Johnson’s life, movies, world, and personality in the book “Through the lens..”

The bond that these four people share I must say is tight and unbreakable; even though it is more of a business bond. So the question is why the heck did Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia split? If they are great business partners; what went wrong in their couple partnership?

Well, whatever it is, the interesting thing is that the public seems to have respected their decision to stay apart as a couple, but still work together as business partners. They hardly refer to them as ex but business partners.

Interestingly, the four of them are into sports; okay, with the exception of Lauren Hashian. Even, the first daughter of Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia has joined the WWE (Word Wrestling Entertainment.) Who knows, maybe the two daughters Dwayne Johnson has with Lauren Hasian would also follow suit. What y’all think?

But wait o, so who will inherit all their inheritance? Simone Johnson has her own money, the two daughters Dwayne Johnson has with Lauren Hashian- Jasmine and Tiana Johnson; I am sure already have their whole life invested till they die. So who would inherit the money?

Anyway, conclusively, there is just this high level of confidence and trust the four have in one another and that’s why they are able to keep the “quatrain” relationship.

Do you think this quatrain relationship is real or not? What y’all think?

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