This was noticed about those who raped and killed 300 level Unilorin student; Blessing Olajide …

blessing olajide
300 level unilorin student

This was noticed about those who raped and killed 300 level Unilorin student; Blessing Olajide

.This is really really really so sad. This is another rape and another murder case, with the rapists and murderers on the loose. Blessing Olajide Omowunmi was another victim of rape.

She was raped and murdered in her room in the Tanke Area of Ilorin. She was found on the floor naked with her two hands tied to the back, and mouth gagged. She had bruises on her private part as well.

Blessing Olajide was a 300 level student at the University of Ilorin. She was studying Agricultural Science and was about to write her last year 3 paper. She was known to be Godly, friendly, and easy-going.

There is currently a trending hashtag on Blessing’s rape case across all social media platforms. The hashtag is #justiceforblessingolajide or #justicforblessing . That means in just a few weeks after job seeker, Ini Umoren was raped and murdered by Frank Akpan, and an hashtag #justiceforhinyumoren was created; there is another one replacing it so soon.

Too much justice for “so and so” in this country and abroad. There is #justiceforrichard #justiceforblessing #justiceforblessingolusegun #justiceforblessingolajide #justiceforbelly #justiceforevan #justiceforhinyumoren #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforuwa #justicefortina #justiceforbarakatbello #justiceforazeezatsomuyiwa #justiceforgraceoshiagwu .

But has justice been served so far? Honestly NO!

This shows that we have lots of rapists and killers on the loose in Nigeria and all over the world. And, honestly, most of these rapists and killers are so young. Probably harming a lady because of her refusal to return to him or date him or some dumb reasons, which may be the case of Blessing Olajide.

Later, these men would be saying there are more females than males. Why won’t there be, when men are molesting, raping, beating, and killing our women.

You want to hear ododo oro (the real truth)? More women fewer men mean the extinction of men gradually from the surface of the earth.

Honestly, at this point, everyone, ladies in particular need to be moving around with a whistle. Please, blow the whistle t’oba fe se bi oloshi or if anyone wants to rape/kill or harm you. Please, whenever the whistle is blown, that means someone is in danger somewhere. Or there should just be some kind of security button one can move around with so that once pressed, it can show that the person is in danger, and they can send help the way of the person instantly. Also, this also enables them to catch the culprit so we don’t have too many of them on the loose.

Meanwhile, on the issue of the student, Blessing Olajide that was raped and killed in her apartment, it was discovered that her rapists and killers were trying to set her up, and trick the police, so they could focus on her (Blessing) and the inscription on her, rather than them (the killers.)

After raping and killing her, they dropped a note with the inscription “Unilorin doesn’t forgive” to make it look like she was guilty of something, and was the cause of her death.

The police have however taken her corpse to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) for autopsy.

May Blessing’s soul through the mercy of Christ rest in peace, and may her killers be found in Jesus name, amen.

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