(+ Toke Makinwa’s Biography) Toke Makinwa shares more birthday pictures at 37; fans criticize her…

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(+ Toke Makinwa’s Biography) Toke Makinwa shares more birthday pictures at 37; fans criticize her…

There has to be an “Extra” extraordinary word to qualify a heroine such as Toke Makinwa. The word is still yet to click; not even the #Oxford dictionary contains a word to describe her. World dictionaries may need to create a new word for a dynamic personality like her.

Toke Makinwa is famous as 93.7 #Rhythmfm On-Air Personality (OAP) and famous as a Vlogger. She is known for her web television series on the YouTube platform “Toke Moments.” She is a fashionista, articulate television host, author of the 2016 famous novel “On Becoming,” where she talked about her estranged husband and survival after the death of her parents when she was 8.

Toke is no doubt an award-winning multimedia personality.

Just like Toke’s glowing skin, so also is she glowing career-wise. She has her renowned brands, talk of skincare products, bags, shoes, and clothes; she is a brand.

She is international, self-contained, doesn’t depend on any man for survival, and answers to no one; she is a boss in her world.

Toke is the most highly talked about OAP in the country. She is also the richest female, if not the overall richest OAP. She is also the only on-air personality in the country known by other OAPs in other stations and non-radio listeners, unlike other OAPs just known by the listeners of their stations or, better still, listeners of their program.

She is the only OAP with about five million followers on IG; well, I hope I didn’t exaggerate that? If you doubt me, you may have to check @tokemakinwa on IG to verify that. Then, click on follow so it won’t look as if you only checked to spy on her traffic.

Toke is one personality that dares to be different in all things. Little wonder she was one~time awarded the outstanding female presenter at Nigerian Broadcasters Award. She is accommodating and doesn’t have time for haters or those with envious spirits; they are not worth her time. She is one with a thankful heart.

“The Scorpio queen,” Toke’s first book chapter on earth, was opened on November 3rd, 1984, 37 years ago, precisely when she was born by her parents, Caleb Ifemayowa Makinwa and Monica Modupe Mayowa. Her parent, however, died at the ages of 35 and 34, respectively, in a gas explosion.

She and her other siblings are such a testimony to be alive. It made the “Omo Ondo (Ondo Indigene)” to be orphaned at age 8.

Toke and her three other siblings (Two other girls and one boy) lived with their aunt in Ikoyi. Toke is the second child. She studied English at the University of Lagos. She is a rare gem and a pacesetter. She is one person everyone would grab every opportunity to meet and, if given an option to dine with her for a night or earn 5000 dollars, would opt for the former, as a night with a creative personality like her is worth more than that.

Toke’s rise to fame was not something that happened within a blink of an eye; she has indeed paid all her dues. She started as a banker, but she knew deep down that it was not her call. She knew there was something she wanted to unleash to the world rather than sit on one chair and do the same thing year in year out. So, she left banking at Zenith and pursued a career in media. She started in 96.9 Cool Fm but later moved to co-host 93.7 FM “The Morning Drive” show. In 2010, she hosted the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) beauty pageant.

In 2012, Toke Makinwa, Tosyn Bucknor, and Oreka Godis hosted Flytime TV 3 Live Chicks. In 2014, she hosted the popular Hip Hop World Magazine music show. She also joined the Moments with Mo team as a guest host and featured in many EbonyLife TV Network episodes.

Toke was a one~time ambassador of United Africa Company UAC (2013), Face of Nestle Nigeria Maggi, Face of Mecran Cosmetics (2016), and ambassador for Payporte Global Systems Limited. In 2014, she married her eight-year-old heart~th-rob–Maje Ayida, who later robbed her heart. He betrayed her love for him despite her devotion to him, despite her acts to satisfy him and never let him go, despite changing her complexion to keep him. Maje cheated on Toke and impregnated his ex-girlfriend.

Anyway, they are divorced now. Little did Maje know that it was a loss of precious jewelry on his part.

Meanwhile, Toke was too busy to celebrate her 37th birthday. She, however, posted lots of stunning pictures on her Instagram page. Fans criticized her not because of her birthday pictures but her heavy makeup while hosting the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 reality show. What do you all think?

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