Tonto Dike releases video proofs against Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC)

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Tonto Dike releases video proofs concerning the meeting with Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC)

Wtch the video here-

The NCPC (Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission) is an Organization providing excellent services and administration to Nigerian Christians who perform pilgrimage to Holy sites around the world.

Honestly, when I checked NCPC site for their vision and mission which is woven around spirituality for natural development, I asked myself, what then was the meeting with Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike all about. Don’t get me wrong o; I am not saying Tonto Dike ain’t spiritual. But as a Chritian, we all know that there are various levels when it comes to being spiritual; as in, level pass level.

So back to the main gist…

Recently, Tonto Dike and team, had a round table discussion on nationl development and security with NCPC committee. After the meeting, they all had wide grin; so one can say there was a peaceful agreement between the two.

Moving on, Tonto Dike in excitement shared pictures of their meeting with her fans, and also mentioned that she had been made an ambassador of the commission. Her fans congratulated her and wished her more wins.

View her Instagram post below


Yesterday 25th February 2021 yours Director, Socials & Empowerment @cymsnigeris was warmly received by Rev. Yakubu Pam, the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) at his Headoffice Abuja @pamyaks, where we had an extensive deliberation on NCPC vision, dissecting the values for National development and youth involvement in peace building in line with the NCPC’s mandate. 

I was Accompanied by Amb. Chris Odey @goodwillambassadorevents The Tonto Dikeh Foundation, Project Coordinator,

As a humanitarian, i also felt it is imperative for a few youths to have a feel of this laudable initiative through The Tonto Dikeh Foundation in partnership with NCPC where 10 Nigerians will be sponsored on this year’s Pilgrimage activities sponsored by @officalthetontodikehfoundation 

Finally, I wish to announce my position as the new Ambassador of the Commission for Peace Building.

Need your prayers as we embark on Peace building across the six (6) geopolitical Zones of the Nation because peace is indispensable. 

Yours in Nation building

King Tonto Dikeh,

CYMS’s Director,

Socials & Empowerment.

However, it seems like her enemies were not happy about this her new victory. People criticized the commission for making her an ambassador as they felt someone more spiritual should be made an ambassador of the commission. The “holier than thou” people also criticized her outfit to the venue (But honestly, her wardrobe manager did not do well) So, few hours after the post, The Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) via its Executive Secretary, Rev Yakubu Pam denied appointing Actress her as its ambassador.

View Pam’s statement below:

“I wish to state in categorical terms that Tonto Dikeh paid an official courtesy visit to me as the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission on 25th February, 2021 at the corporate headquarters of the Commission in Abuja. As the founder of The Tonto Dikeh Foundation, she expressed her willingness and interest in partnering with the Commission in the area of peace building. She  commended me the NCPC boss the positive and relentless peace initiatives across the country. However, I am suddenly inundated with claims from Tonto Dikeh herself that she has been officially appointed as Ambassador of peace by this great Commission. This claim has gone virile in the media. The Commission frowns at this claim which is a clear misrepresentation of what transpired. The fact remains that the I the Executive Secretary of NCPC never appointed Tonto Dikeh as an Ambassador of Peace for NCPC and this was not part of her visit therefore this claim by her is spurious, unfounded and should be discarded and seen by all Nigerians as a figment of her imagination. Nevertheless, we appreciate her desire to partner with us in our peace building initiatives and in the area of pilgrimage sponsorship to the Holy Land.”

Reacting to NCPC denial, Tonto Dike posted the below:

There are video proofs, but I would rather respect the commission’s decision and  take the fall. Thanks to every Christian body that fought against this Growth…

So,  my question who is lying? NCPC or Tonto Dike?  Tonto Dike has video proofs but won’t share; does that really make sense? I have never seen anyone that would hide evidence. Tonto to me doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. So, there is a particular truth that is not being told by NCPC and Tonto Dike. So who is hiding the truth? Lori iro #tontodike #ncpc #nigeiranchristianpilgrimcommission

What y’all think?

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