Tonto Dikeh’s ex husband, Olakunle Churchill caught watching Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj’s birthday worship with gospel singer, Moses Bliss after he mistakenly….

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Tonto Dikeh’s ex husband, Olakunle Churchill caught watching Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj’s birthday worship with gospel singer, Moses Bliss after he mistakenly….

So, Nollywood’s actress, Tonto Dike had a big bash on her June 9th birthday celebration.

If you are one of her committed fans like me, you would agree that Tonto spends millions of Naira on every birthday, and this year’s own was no exception.

This is because she dedicates June 9th not only to her birthday celebration with loved ones, but also being a philanthropist.

What do I mean? Tonto Dikeh is a generous giver. She gives massively, especially on her birth month, June, via her son’s foundation, “King Andreh’s Foundation.”

This year, she gave the following: IVF, Cakes, Cash, Scholarship (Kindly view others in the slide…)

All the aforementioned do cost millions you will agree with me.

These were not the only items she spent millions on o, the cake junkie also spent millions on those cakes. (View in the slides) There were loads of cakes for her. They were note than 20, and they were really gigantic.

In fact, on her birthday, even before and after her birthday, she received loads of gifts from top celebrities, and they were designers, and very expensive gifts as well.

The actress is really loved and favoured. Little wonder started her June 9th birthday celebration with a great worship to God, which was anchored by gospel singer, Moses Bliss.

Dbanj who was also born on the same day with Tonto Dike was also part of the worship. They really reverenced God in holiness.

Ah, Dbanj and Tonto Dikeh were really in the spirit. I had to watch the about 40minutes worship section with Moses Blisd countless times because I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my data finished that was when I realized that I had watched it too many times….

So, to the main gist jare…

So, during that worship section, there was one fat guy that was sleeping at the other end, and I am like “Was he not led by the spirit ni? Anyway, never mind, I understand his type..

Moving on, so, during the worship section, Tonto Dike’s son was also present. And I noticed something, that the person who was handling the video, was intentionally trying to capture the face of Tonto Dikeh’s son, Andre.

So, was he trying to capture Andreh’s face so the public could see that Andre is a replica of his father, Olakunle Churchill?

Or was he trying to capture Andre’s face, so that Olakunle may see how his son looks like now when he is secretly viewing the worship section from another private page, in order to have a glimpse of his son?

What y’all think?

If you ask me, I would say Olakunle Churchill might have watched Tonto Dike’s worship section codedly via another of his Instagram account which doesn’t bear his name, and must have mistakenly liked the post after seeing his son. But of course, no one would know, since he is using another name for the Instagram account…

What y’all think?

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