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toyin lawani and tiannahs empire
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39 years old fashion entrepreneur and the CEO of Tiannah’s Empire, Toyin Muyinat Lawani, aka Toyin Lawani has stepped on numerous toes of Nigerians and non Nigerians after hurling insults on them. She is currently trending beacuase of these numerous insults.

The insults are up to 20. In fact, I am sure the insults are more than 20.

View the insults below (Kindly view the slides too-

  1. Keypad warriors are jobless people misbehaving on 50 Naira data
  2. You are senseless
  3. Empty Skulls
  4. People in bondage.
  5. Bloody hypocrites.
  6. Disgusting and nasty.
  7. You are all behind as in way back.
  8. You lack exposure.
  9. You lack creativity.
  10. Parasites infesting Nigeria and Youth spoilers.
  11. Your brain is Nigerian, mine is international. But, how come your brain did not tell you that I am not your basic fellow Nigerian, and I don’t follow the rules of the society.
  12. Apology kill you dia; if you are waiting for an apology, you will wait till eternity.
  13. You are frustrated, take your frustrations to the blog.
  14. Give up on my matter, or you will have hypertension.
  15. I am glad to be your headache.
  16. You don’t have balls and guts like I do.
  17. You are envious..
  18. I will use you to catch cruise.
  19. You know nothing.
  20. R.I.P , to all hurting because of Toyin Lawani. A minute silence for them.
  21. You are a child; my stuffs are not for children.
  22. You have small minds that can never and will never understand creativity on a higher level.
  23. I will keep posting revealing and extremely badass posts
  24. Keep ranting, I will keep upsetting you.
  25. You don’t count at all, you don’t pay my bills.
  26. I will deal with you, you don’t know who you are dealing with.
  27. You are mere mortals, I can’t be questioned by you.
  28. You are weak; high fashion is not for the weak.
  29. I am the king of all Queens. And you are?
  30. I will press more on your necks; the more you press me.
  31. I am ruling, not you!
  32. I have built a world for myself and not you.
  33. I live by my rules, and not your rules.
  34. Why are you wailing?
  35. Cry in peace!
  36. You can never be my fashion lover and fan.
  37. They lack wisdom, they don’t know how to embrace my fashion love.
  38. Bloody joker.
  39. Do I look like your church member? Certainly not!
  40. Olusho , bring out my rod, let me cane them.
  41. You all need deliverance from the madness you are exhibiting on my page.
  42. I am Muyinat; a Christian and a Muslim. I worship in both ways.

If you recall, the entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, suffered lots of criticism for her outfit choice and seductive posture for the movie premiere of #prophetess.

The outfit and posture did not go down well with lots of people as they accused her of blasphemy and desecration of the Nuns’ outfit.

However, as people attacked Toyin , she also attacked them back with series of insults. Lots of people are so disappointed in her as they claim she is remorseless. They claim she wouldn’t try such nonsense with any Muslim outfit. But, Toyin says she can try it with whatever religion she desires to.

What y’all think ?

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