Olamide “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Lyrics Translation and Lyrics Meaning [Explained] 

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Music Review: “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” by Olamide

“Tribute To Mohbad [Imole]” is a song by Nigerian Rapper, singer and songwriter, OlamideAdedeji known professionally as Olamide. It is a tribute to Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba known professionally as Mohbad who was allegedly killed on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. 

The song premiered in 2023. It was produced by a talented producer, . It is off the album “Tribute To Mohbad.”  

The song comes in no verse or chorus. The artist sang in Standard English, Pidgin, and Yoruba.

“Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Meaning Olamide

What is the meaning of the song “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” by Olamide

What does Olamide “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” mean?

Olamide “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Lyrics Meaning

Here is Olamide”Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” meaning:

In the song “Tribute To Mohbad [Imole]” by Olamide, the artist describes Mohbad as a hardworking personality who always seizes opportunities. He wishes evil back to those who had brought evil to Mohbad and caused his death. He says “He who kills by the sword will die by the sword.” He prays that Mohbad’s soul rests in peace.

“Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Lyrics Translation 

“Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” TimGii Lyrics

TimGii “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Lyrics

“Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” Lyrics Olamide

“Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]” lyrics by Olamide

Lyrics to “Tribute to Mohbad [Imole]”




RIP Mohbad

Everybody mo pe o BAD [Everbody knows that you are BAD]

I still never understand if it is part of the plan [I still don’t understand if it is part of the plan]

Omo lomo buckle up [Someone’s child that buckled up]

Omo lomo tepa mo [Someone’s child that worked assidiously]

Any opportunity, omo lomo lari mo [Any opportunity, someone’ child puts his head into it.]

So many pains to je pe e ni mo [So many pains that one knows about]

Mo ti pe Ilerioluwa [I have called Ilerioluwa

Ebami bi nibo lo lo, sh#t [Help me ask him where he went to]

Different when I heard about this

Omi jabo loju mi [Tears fell down on my face]

Walahi, swear about this [Honestly, I swear about this]

E ti e ro ti ikunle Abiyamo [You didn’t even think of the agony of motherhood.]

You n#gga done this

Afigba te choke e [Until you choked him.]

Ti o fi di ero 6 feets [And he became among the group of 6 feet]

Back to back

Mo se back to sender [I am doing back to the sender.]

Ashebi sheka [The evil doers that did evil.]

But ko fe remember [Don’t want to remember they did evil.]

But, it is not about you

That’s why you never bothered

If you kill by the sword

Yu know you will die by the sword

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