(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: Turning Tables starring Ray Emodi, Chinenye Nnebe, Victoria Egbuchere, Sonia Uche


What is the movie Turning Table all about?

Damian (Acted by Ray Emodi) and his wife Janeth (Acted by Victoria Egbuchere) are having financial problems. They are unable to raise 7 million naira to treat their dying daughter.

Damian is pushed by his wife, Janeth (Acted by Victoria Egbuchere) to seduce and marry a wealthy woman, Chioma (Acted by Chinenye Nnebe) who inherited most of her father’s property, so they can dupe her and acquire the fortune to treat their dying daughter.

Damian plays the game and manages to get Chioma to fall in love with her. Chioma stays with her step-sister, Bella (Acted by Sonia Uche) who cautions her about her relationship with Damian, but Chioma —

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Ray Emodi acted as Damian; Chinenye Nnebe acted as Chioma; Tina Destiny Dorm acted as Bella; Sonia Uche acted as Agnes; Victoria Egbuchere acted as Janeth; Sharon acted as Rose; Lemuel Bawa acted as Tony; Martina Ganobi acted as Doctor; Ogechi Alozie acted as Nurse 


Story/Screenplay: Prisca Okeke

Producer/Executive producer: Chinenye Nnebe

Line producer: Uchenna Mbunabo

Director: Anedi Awah Noba

Chinenye Nnebe Production

Country: Nigeria

Year: 2022

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