Twitter Ban Lifted! View President Buhari’s tweet after ban, and funny reactions of Nigerians….

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Twitter Ban Lifted! View President Buhari’s tweet after ban, and funny reactions of Nigerians….

Twitter was banned lasted year in Nigeria by the Federal government.

The service of the micro blogging platform was banned after it deleted two of President Buhari’s tweets it felt promoted violence.

Months after, the same Federal Government that banned twitter rescinded its decision and lifted the ban Today, Thursday, 13th January, 2022 by 2:00 am.

It is not clear what prompted their action. Some Nigerians are of the opinion that they need twitter most in the forthcoming 2023 election, hence, reason the ban was lifted.

While other Nigerians are of the opinion that an agreement was reached between the Federal Government and the owners of Twitter. Whatever the real reason for lifting Twitter Ban, no one really knows.

All we know is that Nigerians can now access their Twitter account without using VPN and they are all excited about it.

I checked President Buhari’s twitter account on the lifting of the Twitter ban, but nothing related to it.

It is however funny that the president of Nigeria, Buhari has not commented on this.

One would expect him to have tweeted “Out Government listens. We have heard your request and now Twitter Ban has been lifted.” But, he did not say anything. He is yet to make his first tweet after the ban.

I am wondering what his first tweets would be about.

What do you all think?

Anyway, reacting to the Twitter Ban been lifted, comedian, skit maker and influencer, Debo aka Mr.Macaroni has this to say “Oh oh e don tire una? Welcome back ooo. You people banned yourselves not twitter. Na una go, we never left.”

A lot of his fans retweeted and commented on his tweet. View funny reactions in the slide below-


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