Understanding Adjective and Intensity plus examples…


What is an Adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes and gives meaning to a noun or pronoun.

For instance: Ms Joyous is a good teacher.

I just described Ms.Joyous right, and how did I describe her? Good!

The adjective there is : Good

Describing someone or what something looks like or an object could be in form of quantity (much, few, many, seven, four, both, rarely), quality/value (beautiful, intelligent, worthless, yummy, patient, handsome), size (small, tiny, big, mediam, gigantic, mammoth), Temperature (hot, cold, warm, tepid), age (young, old, latest, antique), shape (round, square, shallow, straight), colour (blue, orange, yellow, brown, fair, light, dark), or origin (Nigerian, American, Ghanaian, Portuguese)

Describing must come in the aforementioned order…


Ms. Joyous is a beautiful (value), tall (size), young (age) fair skinned Nigerian.

What is intensity?

Intensity is when something becomes stronger, powerful or more intense

What then is Adjective of intensity?

Adjective of intensity is when something moves from having a strong effect to a stronger effect and then, to the strongest effect. To feel something strongly.

An adjective may show the degree of intensity by using an adverb ; really funny or by adding a suffix- “a whitish tinge.”


Fill the gaps to produce sets of adjectives on a scale of intensity

Light: Glaring: Dazzling: Bright: Dim

Number: Countless: Innumerable: Unnumbered: Legion: Sparse.

Distance: Neighboring: Adjacent: Nearest: Closest: Next to: Distant.

Speed: Supersonic: Fat: Speedy; Sluggish.

Size: Gigantic: Mammoth: Big: Enormous: Wide: Huge: Miniature.

Happiness: Delighted: Ecstatic: Joyous: Happy: Sad.

Heat: Sizzling: Warm: Hot: Cold

Sound: Loud: Deafening: Audible

Food: Delicious: Tasteless: Tasty

Mood: Angry: Happy: Displeased

Reference: Key Grammar book 2 by Pearson education limited

Images sources: Shutterstock, unsplash, thewritelife

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