(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Unexpected,” : Starring: Kanayo O Kanayo, Ebube Nwagbo, Ray Emodi, Benita Onyiuke, Victoria Egbuchere

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis (Plot Summary): “Unexpected,” : Starring: Kanayo O Kanayo, Ebube Nwagbo, Ray Emodi, Benita Onyiuke, Victoria Egbuchere

What is the movie “Unexpected,” all about? Here is the “Unexpected,” movie synopsis

“Unexpected,” is a Nigerian romantic drama. The major actors in the movie are Ray Emodi who acted as Ekene/Kene and Ebube Nwagbo who acted as Oge. 

Ebube Nwagbo also produced the movie.

The “Unexpected,” was about 2 best friends, Kene and Oge. Kene and Oge have been friends since childhood days. They knew each other’s parents. Kene’s father, Chief Mmaduka (Acted by Kanayo O Kanayo) was Oge’s Godfather.

Oge and Kene knew everything about each other, and also had each other’s spare keys. 

The “Unexpected,” happened when playboy Kene, pleaded with his best friend Oge, to have a fake marriage with him, so his father, Chief Mmaduka could

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“Unexpected,” Cast and Crew

“Unexpected,” Cast 

Kanayo O Kanayo acted as Chief Mmaduka, Ebube Nwagbo acted as Oge, Ray Emodi acted as Ekene/Kene, Benita Onyiuke acted as Benny/Benita, Victoria Egbuchere acted as Tamara, Bestman Thompson acted as Kayode, Uwechi Amarachi Franca acted as Mama Benita, Eglah Danladi acted as Vivian, Linda Ahipo acted as Ufoma, Eniola Blessing acted as Gina, Eneh Tony acted as Secretary 1, Inyeka Julius acted as Secretary 2

 “Unexpected,” Crew

Story/Screenplay: Carina Kikelomo Jacob

Ad/script supervisor: Ben Cassie

Producer/Casting: Uchenna Mbunabo

Executive producer: Ebube Nwagbo

Associate producer/P.M: Enoch Atakorah

Film Editor/Colorist: Taiwo Ogunde

Director: Chidi Chijioke

Year: 2022                      

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Romance. Drama

Production house: Posh World

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