University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Admission Requirements and Student Life

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The University of South Carolina is a public research university fondly called U.S.C. It is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This article will explore the school’s acceptance rate, admission statistics, S.A.T./A.C.T./G.P.A. requirements. Keep reading to find out if you will get accepted at U.S.C. based on your available materials.

University of South Carolina overview.

U.S.C. is one of the universities with the highest research activity. It is also enlisted among the top universities to earn the Carnegie top-tier designation in research activity and community engagement. 

The university has about seven satellite campuses throughout the state. It is the largest University in South Carolina and the second-best University after Clemson university. 

It was founded in 1801, and since that time, it has been delivering top-notch education to its students. Little wonder it is ranked #1 in International M.B.A., #Sport Science Programs, #9 of 435 for Sports Management in America, #24 of 1,422 Best College Athletics in America, #24 0f 824 among Best Greek Life Colleges in America, #70 in Best Colleges for Veterans, #117 in National Universities and #189 in Best Value Schools. It is the country’s best public university Honors College.

The university cares about your well-being and safety and offers help to succeed in life.

What is the University of South Carolina acceptance rate?

Admission into the University of South Caroline is slightly selective. The Acceptance rate at the University of South Carolina is 69%. The university ranks #21 in South Carolina for the lowest acceptance rate.

What is the University of South Carolina G.P.A requirement?

The G.P.A. requirement at the University of South

Carolina is about 4.15. In essence, you have to be an “A” average high school student to gain admission into the school.

The university ranks #2 for the highest average G.P.A. in South Carolina.

What is the University of South Carolina S.A.T/A.C.T requirement?

Kindly note that you will not be required to submit standardized S.A.T. or A.C.T. scores; it will be test-optional through the spring, summer or fall of 2022

The following test score ranges only include students who want their test scores considered in the admission and scholarship process.

If you are such a student, you need to score between 1110-1520 for S.A.T. and 23 and 32 for A.C.T.

View the test score ranges if you want the University of South Carolina to consider your test scores in the admission and scholarship process.

The below 2021 ranges for standardized test scores, high school G.P.A. and class rank reflects the middle 50% of students for general admission at Capstone Scholars and the South Carolina Honors College. 

South Carolina Residents: 1110-1300 SAT

Nonresidents: 1250-1380 SAT

Capstone Scholars:1340-1420 S.A.T.

Honors College: 1430 -1520 SAT

South Carolina Residents: 23-30 A.C.T.

Nonresidents: 28-32 A.C.T.

Capstone Scholars:29-32 A.C.T.

Honors College: 32-34 A.C.T.

Freshman Class: 4.1 – 4.7 HS GPA

Capstone Scholars: 4.2 – 4.8 HS GPA

Honors College: 4.5 – 5.0 HS GPA

Freshman Class: 7% – 28% Class Rank

Capstone Scholars: 4% – 18% Class Rank

Honors College: 1% – 5% Class Rank

What is the University of South Carolina Admission Requirements?

Kindly note the following first:

  • You can apply for admission at the University of South Carolina if you are currently in high school or have graduated. 
  • You must not have attended a post-secondary institution for first-year students.
  • The university will be test-optional through fall, spring and summer 2022. It applies to all students seeking admission into the university. Meanwhile, first-year student admission will be based on high school courses and grades. 

Materials required/Methods of application.

  • You can submit your materials via Common Application or the University of South Carolina Application. Pick any of the application methods you are more comfortable with.
  • You are required to select two primary choices and complete the essay and activities section, notwithstanding the application type. 
  • You must first list your top primary choice and pick two different majors.
  • You must pay a $65 application fee; it is a non-refundable fee. You have the option to use an A.C.T., College Board, NACAC, or Common App application fee waiver if you qualify. 
  • Your high school counsellor is required to submit a school report form on your behalf. The form should document your academic progress, possibly a school profile. 
  • You are not to send letters of recommendation; they are not required for general university admission. 
  • You must upload a clear unofficial copy of your high school transcript in JPG or PDF format. Kindly note that:

(a) Your unofficial transcript must list grades through the conclusion of your junior year. 

(b) It should include your full name and high school name. 

(c) A web-based copy of your transcript will match this requirement. 

(d) You are required to self-report your senior year schedule and credits on the application. 

(e) You are not to send an official high school transcript to the admissions office unless it is requested.

(f) Suppose you have already graduated from high school. In that case, you must request to have your official high school transcript with your graduation date sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the deadlines. You do not need to complete the “Senior Year Schedule” section of the application.

  • You are expected to complete the following high school courses:
  • English: 4 units with strong reading, writing, communicating and research. It is advised that 2 of the 4 units are literature-based, including American, British and World literature College prep English I, II, III and IV meet the requirement.
  • Mathematics: 4 units
  • Algebra I*
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • You should select fourth higher-level units amid Algebra III, pre-calculus, calculus, discrete mathematics, computer science, probability and statistics.
  • Laboratory Science: 3 units
  • Two units should be from biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science.
  • One additional unit from biology, chemistry, physics or earth science or any other laboratory science with biology, chemistry, physics and/or earth science as a prerequisite.
  • Social studies: 3 units
  • 1 unit U.S. history
  • ½ unit economics
  • ½ unit government
  • 1 unit world history or geography strongly recommended
  • Foreign language – 2 units
  • Both units must be in the same language.
  • Fine arts: 1 unit
  • Art appreciation, art history or performance in one of the fine arts
  • Academic electives: 2 units
  • Two units of college-preparatory coursework.
  • Computer science with significant programming content is recommended.
  • If you complete Algebra II, foundations in algebra and intermediate algebra may count as a substitute for Algebra I.
  • Computer science should involve significant programming content, not simply keyboarding or using applications.

Kindly note that:

  • Courses in general science or introductory science for which one of these four units is not required will not meet this requirement.
  • Alternative electives include college-preparatory courses in Fine arts, English, Social Science, foreign languages, humanities, mathematics and laboratory science (Biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science is a prerequisite).

What is the cost of study at the University of South Carolina?

Below is an estimate of resident tuition and other costs for the 2021-22 academic year.

Expense Estimated cost

Tuition and Technology Fee* $12,688

Housing $8,654

Meals $4,254

Books and Supplies $1,226

Total $26,822

Kindly note that some academic programs, majors and classes have extra fees.

Nonresident- Undergraduate Students

Below is an estimate of nonresident tuition and other costs for the 2021-22 academic year.

Expense Estimated cost

Tuition and Technology Fee* $33,928

Housing $8,654

Meals $4,254

Books and Supplies $1,226

Total $48,062

Kindly note that some academic programs, majors and classes have extra fees.

What is student life like at the University of Southern California?

The class size at the University of South Carolina is quite okay; it has classes with fewer than 50 students. The student-faculty ratio is 18:1. There is a good relationship between students and instructors; instructors also serve as advisers.

Between classes, you can relax on the horseshoe, grab a bite to eat or take part in the numerous phenomenal outdoor recreation activities provided by the university.

You can explore several student services set up by the school. The university has a safe environment. 

Students walk freely between classes as the university’s main street, Greene Street, is closed to traffic. Activities like Hip Hop Wednesdays and a farmer’s market hold. Other events such as Tiger Burn and Homecoming are dotted throughout the year. It is indeed an exceptional social school.

The environment is conducive for learning, and the weather is usually lovely. It is pretty hot during summer.

Housing is made available for a large percentage of students, especially first-year students. It is better to take a shuttle if you live off-campus because parking is difficult. 

The University of South Caroline is your home away from home, where you see all around you as family. Despite the different ethnicities, students blend very well with one another.

You can watch this video to see what more benefits exist from attending U.S.C.

Why do people study at the University of South Carolina?

  • One of the benefits of being a student at the U.S.C. is that you can be assured that there will be no increase in tuition for the years you enrolled for. 
  • You can also pay tuition in instalments spread out over an agreed-upon period, sometimes without interest or finance charges.
  • South Carolina alumni earn a starting salary of
  • $38,000.
  • 50% of full-time undergraduates receive need-based financial aid, and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $5,996.
  • Many opportunities are provided for undergraduate research, study abroad, service-learning, unique organizations, and advisors. The Student Success Center help students find post-graduation plans.

Quick facts about the school/Admission statistics

  • Undergraduate enrollment 35, 468 
  • Gender distribution: 46% of male students and 54% of female students. 
  • Campus size: 444 acres. 
  • In-state tuition and fees- $12,688
  • Out-of-state tuition and fees- $33,928
  • First-year students must live on campus the first year.
  • Away from academic activities, the school college’s town owns a variety of entertainment, nightlife and outdoor options for students. 
  • It has a high percentage of African American graduates.
  • It has the best first-year experience among public universities.
  • The best value in Public Colleges 
  • It is the only university awarding a designation for graduating with Leadership Distinction.
  • It is number 1 in Undergraduate International Business Major.
  • It has been awarded ten total bright awards between 2019-2020.
  • It has the number 1 online nursing graduate program.
  • It employs students looking for work-study programs and part-time employment. 
  • It connects employers with dedicated student workers.

In conclusion, The University of South Carolina creates a healthy, rich, and vibrant community that inspires a new generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers to impact positively. Its environment promotes the dissemination of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and an enhanced quality of life. The university has a profound relevance, reach, and impact on the state’s people and generally. 


What are the popular majors at the University of South Carolina?

 Finance and Financial Management Services; Public Health; Business; Research and Experimental Psychology; Biology; Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication; Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing; Sports, Kinesiology, and Physical Education/Fitness; Marketing; Physiology, Pathology and Related Sciences; and Hospitality Administration/Management. 

How will admissions staff review your applications?

The admission office thoroughly examines your grades, rigor of curriculum, application essay responses, and involvement both in and out of the classroom. The university will also review your educational environment.

When should you indicate your plan to submit test scores as part of your application?

You will indicate whether or not you would like the university to consider your test scores when you apply.

Will you still be considered for merit scholarships if you apply test-optional?

Yes, you will be considered if you apply test-optional; all students will be considered for merit scholarships. However, some scholarships require submitting the South Carolina Honors College/Top Scholars application.

Image source; NBC News

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