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Sonorous Tanzanian singer- Vanessa Hau Mdee and international Nigerian actor/singer- Rotimi Akinosho aka Rotimi, unknown to many have been dating for years.

However, news about their affair became conspicuous when the two took to their various Instagram handles to post pictures of their engagement. In fact, what made their affair more conspicuous was the change of name done by Vanessa Mdee to Mrs.A . If you check it very well, the Mrs. A simply means Mrs. Akinosho.

Both Vanessa and Rotimi are 33 years old, although Vanessa is older with some months. Rotimi was born on 30th November 1988 while Vanessa was born on 7th June 1988. They are both active on Instagram than any other social media platform. Rotimi has 2.4 million followers while Vanessa has 7million followers.

When you take a look at their Instagram handles, the love birds love to post each other’s pictures and affairs on their pages. In fact, it would hard to tell who owns each other’s page.

So to the answer to the caption; Vanessa Mdee’s reply to marriage proposals: Well, Vanessa and both Rotimi have I directly replied their marriage rumours. They are married and both live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This they made evident when they posted a picture of both of them together with the caption “Day 1 of forever” on Friday, 1st January, 2021. May God bless their union and never split them.

It is important to note that the lovebirds have genuine love for each other. What has kept them going is their genuine love, humility, communication, ability to shut out the world/vices and believe in God.
Wangu Mimi!

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Sonorous Tanzanian singer- Vanessa Mdee replies marriage rumours with international Nigerian singer/actor- Rotimi

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