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Bobrisky and Nkechi Blessing Sunday fight drama
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Nkechi/Bobrisky fight ehn; I am just laughing in Spanish. But wait o, on a serious note, where does Bobrisky get all this information in which she (No longer okurin, as in male) uses to insult anyone that crosses her part? Like seriously, I gatz find a way to interview Bobrisky, hopefully, she would come through. Ehen, moving on, about the winner of this fight, of course, it is evident. Bobrisky won Nkechi wella. (As in very much) That Nkechi thinks she is acting Yoruba movie where someone can look for trouble and getaway with it. Obviously, she looked for Bobrisky’s trouble. How can “Nkechi” in response to a follower mention Bobrisky’s name? She did not only mention Bobrisky’s name; she even asked if they are both mad! Now, tell me, what other word describes trouble if not what she did? If you ask me, I would say people like to look for Bobrisky’s trouble regardless of how she tries to mind her business. Anyway view the drama below: Nkechi after insulting her followers who tattooed her name on her arm was suddenly repentant, so she apologized. I wonder why celebrities are reacting negatively to their names being tattoed; I think they like it, but pretend not to like it to the public; yeye dey smell. Anyway, to the main gist: So, after Nkechi Blessing Sunday apologized, one of the followers came on her and said the reason she apologized was because of the fear she has for Bobrisky. If you recall, (whether Bobrisky saw Nkechi blessing’s post or not, I don’t know) Bobrisky openly rebuked celebrities who insulted fans for tattooing their names on their body. The comment the follower made did not go down well as she insulted the follower and Bobrisky. Mentioning Bobrisky was totally unnecessary. But Bobrisky saw her post and replied her with insults. Perhaps the two had unresolved differences, what y’all think? View the drama Follower: You apologised to the fan who tattoed your name on her arm because you are scared of Bobrisky (In all honesty, na this follower first start trouble) Nkechi: Abi you and Bobrisky dey mad? You want make I swear for you. Bobrisky: Nkechi or whatever your name is called. I like my space and peace a lot, that is why I don’t follow people here But when you crossed your lane, you are definitely waking a dangerous python up. I know you and clout are 5 and 6, and we are both shameless!!! So, let us roll the dice. Never in your life mention my name on your stupid page again!!! I repeat, if you no want make sango and ogun strike your whole generation. If you have any issue with me, be brave and face me; lets roll the dice. Na me say make you dey do audio giveaway for your page? (That means she is monitoring Nkechi’s page niye o) Or na me swear for you not to have money to appreciate your so-called fans for writing your name (I swear it, if you read Bobrisky’s replies and insults; you would lol) If that person that wrote your name know how broke you are, she won’t dare (Lmao). Abeg, I am not part of the people you share your pussy palliative too o, so, its easy to drag you llike I pass my neighbor generator. I will be expecting your reply on this so I can now fire all your bad records. Guys, go and get your popcorns and drinks ready!!! It is about to be lit Nkechi: Me wey block my own close friend cause he reply you; drag yourself bro. Mtchew!!!! Biko, it is 6:13 am in America; I am back to bed!!!I turned off emotions from idiots, so if you like, mention me from now till next year OYO!! Enjoy your drama in peace and leave me out of it. No dey mention me to rubbish. Back to bed abeg. Person wey bleaching cream don turn skin to pig wants my reply. Bobrisky; you must be really stupid. Na people wey never stay close to your side by side dey foo for you You stink BRO!!! Get a skin surgery ASAP!! You must be mad BRO!!! My dear, my gist no dey your hand oo,las las you by yourself go use your mouth tell them say you don dey fight me (Weird though, but na Nkechi come use im mouth talk am first; she seeks attention truly) since last year because of man. As in, the thing over shock me, make man dey fight me because of man. I don try to avoid you, but you no gree since 2019; well maybe now is the time. If e sure for you, mention the man name wey make you dey fight since 2019 make we kuku scatter the full table, make the man wife know say him dey fuck your dirty asshole wey maggots don dey come out from (Walahi, this na script to me Ogefash)…Stinking dick head!!!! You want talk pass Fuck? On top the same Fuck me and you dey fuck. The difference is my pussy is sweeter and tighter than your loosed asshole (Shameless; if you ask me. Nkechiis indirectly confirming that she sleeps around.) The only message in my DM is NBS please ignore (Lori iro; yimu yimu); see how worthless you are to the world (And you nko?) Na why your bestie (Referring to Tonto Dike) leave you quietly before you drag her innocent ass. Uncle Bob, here is my last reply to you… IRE OOO Bobrisky: Hey bitch, it is better to have a leaking ass hole and still be fucking rich. I drive four amazing machines (And so? You know how many cars that billionaire Zambian- Gimbi had before his death? At least na inside one car, im enter that day, and na inside that car im die) 1. Bentley 2. Range Rover 3 Gle Amg 4. Cla Sport My leaked ass hole has given me what your generation can’t afford!!! I don’t blame you though let me quickly remind you how your mother use you to serve men when she was still selling beer at a beer parlour (Chisos; this one week me o). SHAME! Secondly, all the fuck you fuck for this Nigeria not even in Lagos because you don cast home and abroad; na common VENZA Camry you dey drive (At least, she get car; somepeople no get. Me wey dey blog self no get). Na you supposed be my class captain for class; you go learn to stop sharing free pussy palliative. Should I tag the car vendor you gave your pussy to as an exchange to borrow car to pose to lie to your so-called fans say you buy car (Chai; Bobrisky pieces me for here) for your mama. Make I drop am gradually. You remember your favourite celebrity you slept with her husband, come they apologize. Why are all the men you post as your husband end up dumping your ass (She dey really follow Nkechi story well well). Damn girl you need deliverance. Be a classy ashewo for once. Part 2 loading… Nkechi you are mad? Do you want to be unfortunate? These are the pictures of all my amazing machines!!! I did not sleep with any man to get all these bad-ass machines. Let me even ask you Nkechi, how many lives have you saved from dying? How many people have you helped? In case there is one; I don’t know, please, tell me, or post it if they born your mama well. Your own na to dey shake your EXPIRE ass up and down. Never in your life compare myself to you again. The difference is so clear and bright. I resemble your mama mate? Broke idiot!!! Y do people stop doing giveaway on your page? Because, you be audio!!! Fake life wan kill kill you. Lastly; go and fix your jaw, it looks like crab head (lol) Nkechi: (Nkechi no get reply again) Winner: Bobrisky!

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