View funny reasons from Twitter (including mine) he/she became an ex; guys grab your popcorn and a drink!

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Recently, a Twitter user and a content creator with the username @unscrptedidera started a thread about why people broke up with their ex.

Trust me; loads of people commented on his thread; and of course, your gal, Ogefash commented too. People had extremely funny reasons they broke up with their ex.

Muwa; as in, me, myself and I had #20 reasons why I made him an #ex.

But, rather than share the 20 reasons on the thread, I shared only one. The remaining 19 would be read in my “soon-to-be-published” novel #jiltedatthealtar by Ogefash.

Or better still, I will share two more reasons he became an ex..

Kindly view funny replies of people to @unscriptedidera’s tweet on “why did you break up with your ex?” Enjoy

@Ogefash: My ex can eat 5 pots of food in a minute. And still, look for garri to drink after that. He practically cried and mumbled when there was no food to eat. Even, I starved at his house and dished my food to him, so he doesn’t cry like a baby over hunger. Gad damn it! Not to forget that his tummy was like times three of a pregnant woman

Replies to Ogefash

@showbiz43853275: Lol; the guy fit be vex swallow you

@abimbola: Funniest break-up ever… Lol

@Janarius: I have a friend who is like that, I hope he is not the one.

Second reason @Ogefash made him an ex: He was so dirty and disorganized.

Third reason @Ogefash made him an ex: He had low self-esteem; always making me cry to boost his esteem. He was naturally weak but got strengthened by making me look like I was the one that was weak.

Fourth reason @Ogefash made him an ex: He was infectious (More details are in my novel) and was such a manipulator. Always put evil thoughts about some guys coming in to rape me because stayed alone; in order to succumb to his foolish sexual needs…

View reasons by other persons below:

@toby: She was loving me too much, and excess of everything is bad. @aptitude: She wanted an urgent and elaborated wedding with an estimated worth of 5 million and she didn’t have 50k in her account. My children will not forgive me for choosing such a mother for them. @dozzymonie: Because I am from a rich family. I even got her a car. So, she said she can’t continue that she doesn’t wanna look like a gold digger is not as if she doesn’t love me o just like that o.

@chickenstew5: she said she dreamt and saw Jesus, and Jesus asked her to break up with me else, she won’t see the end of the year. That was back in 2016. I have moved on though.

@kapital_dm: Her family hated my tribe. My family felt the same way about her tribe. I was willing to stand my ground for her. She wasn’t ready to disobey her parents.

@stokan16: After we have dated for 5 years oo, she came up with a story saying am a Christian, and, she is a Muslim, that we can’t end up together. That we should not waste our time.

@luckyflows: Another person don continue the building, I dey wait make e reach roofing, make I collect am back, because, first to do no dey pain.

@emmawizzy13: I gave her head, and she did not say ​”thank you” @gordon: She is a GLOAT, Greatest liar of all time…

Kindly view the remaining funny reasons in the slides here-

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