View reactions to BBNaija Jackie B’s eviction “She doesn’t have vibe, her vibe is just to shake bom-bom and…”

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View reactions to Jackie B’s eviction: “This is injustice, JackieB can’t possibly be evicted before…”

Jackie B was evicted alongside JayPaul last Sunday, September 12th precisely, from the Big Brother Naija (BBNAIJA) reality show house.

Eviction day at the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show is usually on Sundays.

When JackieB was evicted, below was what she revealed to the BBNaija host, Ebuka…

“I so much like Michael.”

The emphasis she placed on the like makes me feel she might have switched the word “love” for “like”, abi what do y’all think?

Anyway, moving on, Jackie B was the third female housemate to be introduced into the season six of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show tagged “Shine Ya Eye.”

She was the overall 14th housemate to be introduced into the BBnaija house.

She however became the 14h housemate to be evicted from the season 6 of the reality show.

Jackie B during her introduction into the house said she has a strategy, and the strategy is to be 10 steps ahead of her fellow housemates.

Unfortunately, her strategy did not keep her in the house even if she was 10 steps ahead of other housemates. The ball was not in her court, but viewers court.

But, she still remains a winner.

Below are the reactions to her eviction from the reality show:

@iyawo_dun_ losing in: Sad that Africans always do away with treasures. Another star evicted for loafers.

@unicornwithacrown: bye

@_Sofia_moka: Cross is the happiest man on earth

@nwaobilornkeiruka: No surprises here, who is next?

@theconstitutionalblog: Please, when is Saga leaving?

@ebong_Agnes: If saga no leave this house today, I go break my TV

@_amahcah: Omooooo, this one shock me ooo, Jackie with the ….

@eminenceoc1: I know she is going home, cause her vibes is only to wine her bom bom. No contribution or any special things she does in the house. Best of luck JackieB.

@Iybiank: Welcome home Jackie B…thanks for my guy and Queen along. Your son and Michael is waiting for you biko

@iamchichi_23: I ask again, who is voting for yousef for the last time.

@bennyblac_ Who Dey vote yousef?

@iamnuelofficial_ I wonder who will miss her..

@bomaakpore: @thejackiebent

@peaceogor: All the best @thejackiebent. You did well

@chutoe1: This is injustice, Jackie B, can’t go before saga

@_n_a_n_c_y: She even try…

What do y’all think?

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