View sexy pictures of Meraiah Ekeinde; Omo Sexy’s daughter…

mearaiah ekeinde
meraiah ekeinde

View sexy pictures of Meraiah Ekeinde; Omo Sexy’s daughter…

Meraiah Ekeinde is the third child of Award-winning actress- Omotola Jolade Ekeinde. She shares the same day and month with her celebrity mum. Meraiah was born on the 7th February 2000 while Omotola her mother was born on the 7th of February 1978.

Both mother and daughter had a joint birthday celebration this year. They took lots of interesting pictures.

Meraiah is currently living in Los Angeles and works with one big restaurant over there. She is the kind of person that loves to have extreme fun, and this shows in the places she goes to, and the kinds of clothes she wears.

Just call her “sexy” Miimiii!

At least, now that Meraiah is 21 years old, her mother, Omotola Jolade won’t be mad at media houses for using the word “sexy” to describe her #Winks.

Recall when Meraiah was in secondary school, a picture of hers that surfaced online made media houses call her “sexy.” This did not go down well with Omotola who lashed the media houses for lacking the proper knowledge about the word to use for a teenager then…

What y’all think about Sexy Meraiah?

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