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Although, some are of the opinion that it is a pay back to the men also, who like to have extra marital affairs, and also have other kids outside marriage. What y’all think?

Ah ah women; I fear them gan ni (so much). What a heart; even if the man – Tunde Thomas is infertile or offended her- Moyo Thomas, it is a wrong way to punish him.

Anyway, to the main story jare…

Nigerians are currently in rage over the unfaithfulness of a former FCMB employee, Mrs. Moyo Thomas. Mrs. Moyo Thomas while married to Mr. Tunde Thomas was having an affair with her MD- Mr. Nuhu Adams and went as far having two kids for her boss, which she presented to her husband as his kids. (Those children really look like her boss; little wonder many women always pray hat their kids resemble their father, so that they would not think that they brought illegimate children to the house.)

Adam Nuhu, Tunde and Moyo Thomas

Moving on, eight years after her marriage to Tunde Thomas, Moyo Thomas found a way to travel out with the two kids (a boy and a girl) and never returned to Nigeria.

When it was time for the children to resume back to school and they were yet to return from their America trip, Tunde Thomas, a supposed father, and husband called the wife to ask her why.

The woman feeling safe from her country distance from the husband then threw the bomb about the two kids not being his. This made the man fall sick instantly. He had stroke and afterwards died. He has since been buried.

The matter is being investigated by FCMB board to know the if the MD- Nuhu Adam is guilty or not according to the company’s ethic, while Moyo Thomas has made her account private account, removed pictures, as well as Thomas from her name after he infidelity story started trending, so that people searching for her don’t find her again. People have taken to various social media platforms to lay various curses on her. One of the curses is that Tunde Thomas’s ghost should haunt her with a matchete till she dies. View other curses in this clip below.

The story about Tunde and Moyo Thomas was shared by a lawyer, Bolanle Cole on his twitter page.

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