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dele momodu
dele momodu

Nigeria is a country of pain says Ovation publisher- Dele Momodu

Some weeks back, chubby media mogul, Dele Momodu took to his social media page to lament about the current situation of the country.

He was mad at that time with the leaders of the country because the Federal Government at that time still placed a ban on Sim registration and acquisition.

This ban greatly affected people whose phones were stolen, people who got to the age of using phones but unfortunately couldn’t acquire a new sim to insert on their phone, and lastly, people who made a living from the sales of these SIM cards. View his words below

“Country of pain! How can Nigeria shut down a whole country’s network in the name of NIN; you can’t register new phones for call or data. Retailers who are mainly youths are Jobless. Foreign visistors are frustrated. Seems like the leaders just wake up and think of punishing us!”

The media mogul is trending again as he celebrated his 61st birthday in style. Dele Momodu was born on the 16th of May, 1960.

He also recently celebrated his 30th Wedding Anniversary with his one and only wife, Mrs. Momodu.

Here is wishing him many more years in abundant joy, goodness, love, wealth, health and immense protection from God. More wins! What do y’all wish him?

Nigeria is a country of pain says Ovation publisher- Dele Momodu #delemomodu

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